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    I am working on the plugin database, data models and contexts now. You will be able to search, update, insert and rate all skins, plugins, templates and etc on 1001.

    It has been a long hard road and I want to say...whew. Thank goodness the majority of the grunt work is behind me.

    I still have a ways to go but, the largest part is already done....of note: Any registered member of 1001 will first have to re-register on the forums and then asked to have their original 1001 account linked to their forum profile. (by verification of user details not made public).

    Eventually, you will be able to link your original account (if you can verify it through automated steps to your forum profile; which will enable you to upload skins, plugins, templates and more).

    Thank You,

    Joe Garrett |
    That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.

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      Downloads are complete, logins are working and just finished file handling services for skins, plugins, templates and etc. |
      That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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        Is there a way to get my old account linked to a new one?
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          that will be possible; yes. At present, I've built the basic system but as of yet have not built in the linking system.

          For the time being you can email me directly your old account details
          (your email) and I will be able to link them manually....though, there will be an automated system to do recover your old account and link to your new.
          That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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            I really appreciate your work and am looking forward to future updates of your site.

            Though, I think 'Designs' in the navigation bar should be relabeled to 'Skins', so it would be more easy to find skins without hovering with the mouse over the navigation bar, but maybe that's me only.

            Since I don't know, how you plan to present plugins in future (show compatible Winamp version etc), I can only give the tip, that I would not import ALL Plugins without testing.

            E.g. installing the FLAC decoder from over the Nullsoft version will prevent users from using features like the format converter, all features of the library or the unified tag editor. Justin's old out_mp3 crashed for me since Winamp 5.2, if I can remember correctly. Most plugins still work somehow with newer Winamp releases, but some really love it to crash. A few plugins are really so old, that they produce a lot of issues/crashes with recent Winamp Versions, some even don't work correctly with Winamp 2.9x (CD Reader for example).

            Don't take it as critics, it's only meant as tip, I've seen a lot of postings in Tech Support because people installed very old plugins from

            Keep on your good work! And if you need help, just lemme know, I will help whenever time allows it.

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              Here is some insight and info about my future plans with regards to 1001.

              1. Designs - As the site will host winamp skins, winamp plugins, winamp visualizations, website templates, desktop styles, desktop wallpapers, ui interfaces and a slew of other options; I felt it necessary to include all of these future categories of art into one singular menu item.

              2. Plugins - I've decided to allow plugins to be uploaded; however I will not be doing a mass upload of content. I will allow plugins to be uploaded to the site with screenshot as a requirement and version specific categorization. (i.e. Winamp Version 2+, Winamp Version 3+, etc)

              3. Visualizations - In regards to visualizations, these will have the same configuration settings as plugins and will require a screenshot.

              4. Site Templates - Screenshot, PSD and Cut HTML.

              5. UI Templates/Designs - Screenshot, PSD.

              6. Forums - the forums are a bit of a problem, as I have been building it there have been many attempts to create a forum system that relied on the original data...however, I've scrapped it and created a forum system that is unique and will link an old member to a new forum account. While this will be manual it will assure that the system is 'clean'.

              Thank You.
              That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                Thank you for your work.


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                  Re I know this is a huge ask but have you considered reviews/ratings system?
                  This would reconnect people with the skins/plugins again and give back that community feel that was once there with the Winamp website and motivate skinners and plugin makers to become involved more.
                  edit: I can see there is a rating system but buggered if I can figure out how to rate? Is it temporarily switched off maybe?
                  If I click a skin it just goes straight to download.
                  Cheers, Pete

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                    Thanks to you, and everyone else trying to make this transition as smooth as possible.


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                      Current Progression (Uploads)

                      Whats hidden under that

                      App Version - so, what am I allowing/disallowing. If it's a skin of any type, plugin of any sort (-exe), visual, template, psd etc packaged in a zip file...I don't care what you upload as long as it scans correctly by antivirus and can be 'unarchived'.
                      That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                        djpete1959 - Yes there is a rating/review system that is 'setup' and nearly complete. However, the revamping of the authentication system comes first...until I'm complete there I do not want to enable it. At present while I receive the 'click actions' I am not storing them.

                        There is essentially, 3 Ratings that make up each submissions rating.


                        1. User Ratings + Anonymous Ratings + {SSAC}
                        2. Reviewer Ratings + Admin Ratings + {SSAC}
                        3. Peer Ratings + (1 & 2) + {SSAC}
                        That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                          ripper. keep it up!!
                          Cheers, Pete

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                            Uploads and Account System now Live.

                            There may be a need to update a few things...but, overall should be a working solution. Now, I will be working on the rating/review system.

                            Eventually, Moderators/Admin of the site will be able to select Featured Designs, Standout Designs and do small write-ups of the design.

                            Ratings, will be allowed across the site by any user anon/logged in users...though, anon users will be only allowed a single vote based on system connection (encoded to the cookie)

                            Comments while neat are probably not going to be available for awhile...

                            A Report Design feature will be enabled at the same time as the reviews. Reporting will mark the design for removal...pending admin review.
                            That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.


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                              Do you want me to do some graphics for 1001? Just some headers and miscellaneous gfx fitting some of the sizes I see you´re using.. (right now I can think of.. "like this" & "more news" & search buttons, "featured.." / "latest" texts..). Or you have already planned how they´ll look?
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