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  • How do I know which version of Winamp I have? Thanks! :-)


    • Help > About Winamp


      • First of all I've been a Winamp user since the early days and been through pretty much all versions of it and I'm extremely happy that it is still alive. I haven't been an active community member but I'd like to offer some of my opinions and observations about this thread and others before it.


        It is my opinion that for now Winamp does not need new major features since it already has pretty much an unmatched feature set. This has it's advantages but it also has some major disadvantages. As was mentioned on by another poster the common man likes to have a lot of features as long as they are pretty much invisible and everything works out of the box.

        The settings and UI should be revisited, reorganized and the more advanced settings and features set aside for those of us who want to adjust and use them and know what they are intended for. There should/could also be more explanatory information along with the settings as the common man do not like to browse through long help documents and find information instead of using the product.

        Many unknown options cause confusion. This is a fact that applies to the common people. Even the simplest things like understanding that a Gmail account is actually a Google Account that is used across all Google services: Android devices and their software downloads/purchases, Checkout for payment processing, Google+ and so on. Even remembering account passwords tend to be too much for many and I actually remember several of other peoples passwords because they call ME when they have forgotten their passwords. Just last week I opened up a locked phone because the owner did not remember the password she had set up for her Google Account just a few weeks before. I've set up so many systems, devices and phones over the years that I know it to be a cold hard fact that the common man are "stupid" when it comes to technology. This applies even to my own generation which has grown up around computers and mobile devices.

        Video playback would be the only major part of the software that I'd like to see improved (or it should be removed completely and forgotten). Currently the video support is a bit hidden, management features are almost non existent and it feels like it's been thrown in there just as an experimental feature. Where are automatic libraries for TV shows and movies for example? Video format support should also be extended and it would be nice to see something like FFmpeg integrated for codec free playback although it is most likely unrealistic to expect this at least in the near future. There could also be some licensing issues too. This would make even blu-ray playback possible and we wouldn't need KMPlayer, VLC or K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

        Other existing features should of course also be improved. This should be obvious. Nothing is ever perfect and there is always room for improvement and innovation.

        And for other advanced stuff like ASIO support I'd like to say that people should be realistic and think about what can be done and what is possible with the available resources. There is a reason why it is quite rare to see support for it. The FFmpeg integration I mentioned previously goes into the same category. I doubt that Radionomy will dedicate all of it's resources on the future development of Winamp and hire a large team to work on it full time. But who knows, it would be great if they did.


        If we start to think that Winamp and SHOUTcast should be set up against other streaming services (like Spotify for example) there shouldn't be several products like Winamp the media player, Winamp Cloud (if it ever will be) and SHOUTcast. They should be combined under a single brand like Winamp Music. Again I point out that many options create confusion. Also as was said before SHOUTcast is currently very different from services like Spotify and it's very purpose is different.

        There should also be more visibility in (international) media especially trough channels that the common man uses. I'm from Finland so I don't really know how visible Winamp and SHOUTcast are in the US (for example) but here they are pretty much unknown for everyone who isn't tech savvy.

        The would be competition

        Almost everyone who listens to digital music here in Finland at least knows of Spotify (I've never paid for a subscription but have bought a lot of individual tracks when it was still possible). It's the only service that has I've seen really marketed for the general public (through FM radio advertising for example).

        Google Play Music (I'm a subscriber) and Xbox Music (I was a subscriber) are both also already available here but for now they aren't widely known and unfortunately it is going to stay this way as long as they are being mainly marketed only through Andoid, Xbox and Windows (Phone).

        iTunes of course has the advantage of being the pioneer in digital media distribution but even it is not that well known here and it is falling behind because it doesn't offer similar subscription options and is available only on iPhone and iPad (on the mobile side). If Apple want's to stay in the competition they need to wake up and start to offer their services on other platforms as well or they will end up like Nokia did with mobile phones. Microsoft has already done this with Xbox Music and also with Office Mobile and other products.


        This would be important for the software and services to gain global market share. All of the previously mentioned "would be competitors" are available in finnish. I like to use english when ever I can mainly because technical stuff often doesn't translate that well into finnish but the common man should be able to use it in their native language.

        The current translation system should be much simpler if it remains community driven. I've translated some programs into finnish and have though about translating Winamp too for a long time but I simply do not have the time to learn the current translation system. There are also some services like Transifex (XBMC for example uses it) to make community driven translation easier. Not an easy task I'm sure and would most likely require a lot of changes to the base product.

        Finally there would be the need to provide support and service on a much larger scale if Winamp and/or SHOUTcast would be made into something more than products for the community like they pretty much are today.

        First and foremost Winamp should be made into a newer, more streamlined, more simplified and even more modern version that can rise back to being the number one media player it once was, so very many years ago.

        I thank you for reading if you ever got this far


        • 1.) what happen to shoutcast?
          without it winamp is no good to me!

          there station i listing to that are only on shoutcast!

          2.) why is the download listed in the forum not on main download page?

          winamp got cheesy for some reason?

          sorry i going to look for see who has shoutcast in their player so i get back to listing to startion's again.

          i really don't care if winamp been taken over by new owner! that not my bag, just my enjoyment seen gone down hill

          nvm i just read winamp and shoutcast both got trash my Microsoft totally and shoutcast AOL sold them out!


          • I've been using Winamp for around 5 years now, and just wanted to let the new developers know that whatever changes you make please do not take away the feature which allows you to add/save radio station streams into your bookmarks. This is the key reason why i have stayed with Winamp for so long, and why i use Winamp daily, and i know there are many others out their like me.

            Do not neglect internet radio! This would be a disaster for you. Make winamp the best place on the interwebs to stream your favourite radio stations.

            EDIT: Also if you built into the new Winamp, DFX Audio Enhancer, I'm sure that would win you lots of users as it makes such a big difference to the quality of the sound.

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            • Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
              As you all surely know by now, Winamp & SHOUTcast have recently changed ownership (from AOL to Radionomy).

              The website is currently undergoing heavy work and an almost-completely new redesign.
              As a result, many features will be unavailable, including some in-client services.

              The Winamp downloads and Winamp Pro purchases will also be temporarily unavailable
              whilst code licensed to/by the previous owner is removed/replaced.

              We hope to have everything restored and back in working order as soon as possible,
              and we apologize for any inconvenience caused in the meantime.

              Watch this thread for any further updates.


              See also:
              Winamp Downloads
              Manually adding an online service in Winamp 5.666
              SHOUTcast Site, Directory (YP) and API Changes
              Update patches for current Winamp Release

              The above links are not winamp downloads. Do download them they are "dupe Links"

              When is the site going let download winamp again.


              • Originally Posted by kj7yl
                The links at the Beginning of the thread are not WINAMP downloads. Why they were posted is beyound me.
                Really! What are they then for you? They link to Winamp (last version released) and Winamp related stuff for me.
                Winamp v5.9.1.10029 - Quinto Black CT v3.6 skin
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                • Originally Posted by kj7yl View Post
                  The above links are not winamp downloads. Do download them they are "dupe Links"

                  When is the site going let download winamp again.
                  Those are the current download links for Winamp. Since the "current" version is the final release from Nullsoft/AOL (and AOL no longer owns Nullsoft), until we get a Nullsoft/Radionomy release, the link won't come back.

                  edit: Honestly, I think a lot of the sound quality thing is a placebo effect. Yes, source and higher bitrate may sound a bit better, but not to the point where the average music listener can discern a large enough difference to really care.


                  • Please. . .

                    . . .get this up and running. My 2-3 year old version keeps crashing when I try to shift songs from computer to ipod. I've used winamp to manage my ipod forever and I need it back! Thanks.


                    • rather than trying to use a 2-3 year old version (as people need to be using current Winamp releases otherwise there's no point in trying to have a dev team), try using one from 4 months ago as a lot of fixes have been made since the build you're using which may help with whatever the issue is.

                      and if it doesn't, then the last build available (5.666 build 3516 and after applying the in_mp3 and gen_jumpex dlls from is a lot easier to try to determine the cause of issues compared to ones prior to any of the releases made in 2013. especially with the 5.66x builds including a crash reporter.

                      and we're doing what we can as fast as we can to be in a position to be able to provide a non-AOL release, but it's going to take time to do it. and it's not like the last version isn't bad to use anyway (as that's what i was trying to help do when it looked like Winamp was going to die - which obviously is not the case now).
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                      • Originally Posted by KaiserD2 View Post
                        . . .get this up and running. My 2-3 year old version keeps crashing when I try to shift songs from computer to ipod. I've used winamp to manage my ipod forever and I need it back! Thanks.
                        You tried upgrading?

                        Winamp 5.63 w/ ml_ipod works great for me and my Ipod classic 120gb
                        Current Setup: Windows 10 Pro, Sound Blaster Z, Logitech Z-5500, Winamp v5.666.3516

                        Get wacup


                        • Not another index of the old, this is different (I think), it has Plugins, Skins & Vis properly sorted into a few folders (i.e. Skins are grouped by style "../Skins/SUI Skins/").

                          Apparently there is everything..
                          · · Big Bento Modern


                          • New Winamp Needs for me to buy it:

                            If you allow me to create my own radio playlists in the winamp player such that I can organize them MY WAY (instead of ABC or some other "so-called" logical way) then I will BUY a Winamp Pro. Without this feature I will not even bother, as I can use iTunes if I want mandatory ABC radio playlist order.

                            Also, Winamp versions I have used in the past did NOT allow radio playlists.

                            Also, if in the PRO version, you had a easy skin maker interface so that we could make our own skins, And be able to customize it such that we could have bigger buttons (so that we could actually click on them easily) it would be very cool!

                            Winamp's accessibility issues were HUGE! Bento Big (I think it was called) was brilliant! All other skins did not work. The buttons were hard to find, and completely unintuitive. The F1 skin, was very cool, but useless.

                            This goes without saying, but.....the new winamp must have language support for ALL languages! I should not have to jump through hoops for the player to accept Hebrew, Russian, or any other non-Latin LTR language. yes, I do listen to music in Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Finnish, Japanese, Polish and Czech - as well as the more common languages (German, French, English). My eclectic music taste has eclectic music taste.

                            Lastly, those of us with colour processing issues, will not be as pleased if we can't choose our own text colour and background colours. This is the number one issue 95% of the web content and downloads do wrong. They think we don't exist. This can be easily remedied if we can simply use a colour picker.

                            Thanks! And yes, if the only concession I get is radio playlist my way (in that I can organize them in any fashion I want and have as many as I want) then I will still buy. I can deal with the rest, as I've had to before.

                            I will say that I LOVE to have the option to download the pls file. Why? I like to microscopically organize my radio playlist as I have a listening pool of over 100 stations in many different genres. AND some stations within the same genre, I will not listen to as they aren't my type. They might play "punk, rock, rap, industrial, goth, etc." so they say, but really be mostly alternative. Or they may list themselves as symphonic metal but play tons of scream black metal.

                            Thanks! And yes, I am familiar with radionomy. I use radionomy and tuneIN.


                            • you make a play list in the transcoder, the transcoder connects to the DNAS server and starts playing the playlist when there is no live DSP connected to the transcoder which maintains the schedule and stream

                              so if you have a $20 dedicated server for your website, you can run your transcoder on the same box, and send the stream to some remote 1000mbs host with your DNAS server on

                              if you have the money, you can have a dedicated cpu core for each SID channel, and push the stability upto 5000 clients a server


                              • How long until?...

                                Good morning most sacred llamas,
                                Do you know, and can you tell us, how long until the downloads are available. I received a new computer at work and the IT guys didn't move the winamp program when they were transferring my files. the Media Player sucks! I miss my winamp.

                                thank you,