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    The things i like to see is the PURGE of all that was AOL HELL and the return of all good Nullsoft logo sand good tech..The contacting of those who drop the radio station when the mis-worded post on Winamp went out from AOL ..Many people those the Shoutcast was going away and kill radio station on Winamp that had bookmarked for years. And yest SHOTCASTTV I love it and we had at one time over 5000 stations on there ..
    Looking for to the site being up and running fully.


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      Winamp on iPhone media player would be awesome! As well as support for syncing playlists on the computer to the iPhone


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        current status/Download link

        Hi DJ Egg and your cohorts. I can't wait until a safe winamp download is available. nothing compares. I had to recover my computer after January 10th, so I am currently w/o winamp, and it sucks! BTW, why do you have the download link on the top right of the page while saying that DL's are unavailable? That link has a virus! Is there a safe DL available right now?


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          @Skip Way


          There is no download link at the top right of this page/thread.
          All I can think that you're referring to is some advert from Google Ads.

          The (external) download links are provided in the 2nd post on page 1 of this thread.

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            hey DJ Egg,
            You are right; it was an evil Google ad. I hate those power hungry [censored]s more every day. I don't know which media player the link was to, and I'm not going to explore further. The question remains, however, are the links in post #2 safe and available? I just joined this forum, so I'm not sure which non-available downloads you were referring to in post #1. Ballpark, how far off are you guys from a new release? FYI, I couldn't tell how to find my CD/DVD drive in the last AOL release, and the one prior crashed whenever I tried to rip a CD. (I had to use WMP for that.) thanks for your prompt reply to my first post. best, Skip Way


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              yes, they are safe, he wouldn't point you there otherwise.

              you want ver 5.666 build 3516
              PENN STATE Radio or
              BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
              Wish #1 = Multiple Column Sorting
              Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing


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                Its a good thing that Winamp has been saved.

                But why not just keep the old downloads available untill the new versions are finished?

                Originally Posted by Skip Way View Post
                hey DJ Egg,
                are the links in post #2 safe
                FileHippo is a known download page so its safe to assume that its downloads are safe.


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                  because of licensing differences is the simplest answer that can be provided.
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                    Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
                    Noooo.... I would suggest the next Version of Winamp will be called - in the good, humble tradition of small version increments (I love them) - just 5.67!

                    And I would anyway love to see no big changes in Winamp at all.... Somehow, I also would love to continue seeing the name "Nullsoft" in the resource strings. Just where "AOL" and AOL Logos were placed before, there could be placed Radionomy logos...

                    But that's just my suggestions

                    What ever will happen, I am somewhat confident that it will be just fine.
                    Yep! I'd hate to see any serious changes. I like it just the way it is, thank you.


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                      Is there any estimation for how long it will be before we see any results? Just curious if this is a matter of days, weeks, or months.
                      James M. Ford


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                        All I want is the plugins split from the vis files.


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                          thanks. copy that and got that, MrSinatra.


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                            DrO has posted on how to get Shoutcast Radio Search back into Winamp Media Library.

                            Discussion and support for Winamp's Online Services (including user-created submissions) and the Now Playing & Podcast Directory media library services.

                            Worked a treat for me, thank you
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                              I don't mean to be stupid or anything like that. But how do you download winamp on your windows laptop. With out getting to the forums page? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                              Many thanks, Scotty Dog.


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                                there's links provided in the second post of this thread and the first post explains why there are no 'official' downloads available (which is due to the sale and things needing to be changed / replaced / re-licensed).
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