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  • Radio Stations in Winamp

    since Winamp is having things change in it, and one of the side effects of that is the lack of stations in its station directory, i was wondering if its possible to add them manually?

    I never really got into online radio and i guess id likie to start, what stuff can i add to populate that station directory of winamp? And is there a way to add the current new shoutcast to Winamp?
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    Remember that late last year AOL was announcing the shutdown of Winamp and related services? Well, those have been sold to Radionomy. I imagine the station directory in Winamp points to a Shoutcast server address that doesn't exist anymore.

    Winamp is kinda zombieware right now. It is dead, but not.


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      It is possible to add individual stations via bookmarks and directories of stations can be added to the Online Services section of the media library manually. These actions have always been available. What has been suspended for the time being is the automatic inclusion of services which were chosen by AOL.

      Instructions for adding online services and some service suggestions are in the thread linked below. A ShoutCast server is available, but it is still being updated and may not include all former stations.

      Discussion and support for Winamp's Online Services (including user-created submissions) and the Now Playing & Podcast Directory media library services.
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        all of the SHOUTcast stations are still available in Winamp if you manually add as a custom online service to things (as i believe is covered in the links in the posts above).

        the main issue at the moment is that the temporary site is not built to work well inside of Winamp (so only a few listings, no easy to find category options, etc) and hopefully the team working on the new sites will get all of that sorted out soon(ish).
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