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Run Milkdrop without music and desktop mode fix

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  • Run Milkdrop without music and desktop mode fix

    Hi all, wanted to share a method I stumbled upon on running Milkdrop without music and/or as a screensaver. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. Sometimes I just want to run Milkdrop visualizations without having to play any music. So I use the method shown below:

    Download a small swf flash file from somewhere like swf games I use the 2-times-wild.swf game. Anyone of them is fine as long as there isn't music in the background and that they don't connect to the web. You can set Winamp as the default player for swf files if you prefer to. What I do is just make a single playlist for the swf file so I can get to it easily.

    Load up the swf in Winamp and, viola, Milkdrop presets are moving without any music. Keep in mind that not all presets will run without music, but the vast majority will. Makes a great screensaver that you can run at will. Bring up the video window and you can play the actual game too.

    As for the desktop mode, I used to have problems with flickering in Win 10 64bit Winamp 5.666, but I found that user aimlessanomaly mentioned the answer to solving this here: And I now have flicker free desktop mode, yay!

    Anyways, just sharing in case anyone want to do this things. Happy Winamping!