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Winamp: TWO available databases?

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  • Winamp: TWO available databases?

    Hello Folks

    Forgive me if this has been covered ... I don't see it:

    I want to have TWO distinct databases, each available at a click. Or, I want a particular way to tag media to achieve the same thing ...

    The_Goal: Okay, it's weird, but ... 3+ years ago I had big download binges (I depend on my library for net access). Then just recently, another big d/l binge to catch up. I want access to all, but with an A/B option to, e.g.: query only A, B, or both. Makes sense? (I totally want to concentrate on the newest batch, while having both available.)

    What's the closest I could code to this? (without re-inventing the wheel!).

    Thanks for any ideas,

    ... and it's STILL the best media player!! (duh?)

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    Local media scan resets media_add_date?

    Perhaps this is a necessary inclusion. For me the only significant bug left in my (last ver.) Winamp is that (a) I have a huge media collection -> (b) whenever I need to re-scan local media, Winamp will crash part way. So, to be successful, I have to guess when it's scanned say, 1/3 the way, and stop the scan, then restart the scan, going maybe 2/3 the way, again stopping it, and starting over.

    I suppose this works because, with each successive scan, less actual scanning takes place and more very quick 'checking' (?). Anyway, that's how I roll