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  • Winamp icons and default program


    Recently all my Winamp mp3's (Winamp as default player) just changed to Windows Media Player, which I detest.

    No matter what I do I cannot change the default play program for these MP3's back to Winamp.

    I have tried in Default Programs and it will not select Winamp when I check it. I have tried all I can think of and nowhere will the system let me change this back to Winamp as the default player.

    WHY? I am still using a version 7 platform as upgraded etc.


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    Will it let you change the default program if you right click on a File and select Properties>General>Change

    Sounds like a permissions issue to me make sure your User account control is at its lowest setting.

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      Right-click on the winamp icon and then chose Run as Admin.
      Set the filetypes you want in Winamp prefs, and close the prefs window to save your settings
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        Thank you! I was looking for the way to do it.


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          You can also uninstall all players and then try to install them from scratch- leaving for the end that one which you want to be associated with the given audio / video formats


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            I need a audio player for .sng files created by a Kurzweill electric piano.
            Thanks for any help with this issue.


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              Winamp is not currently seeing any development, I'd suggest you to head to WACUP (Winamp Community Update Pack), where you can ask for this and get an actual response from the actually active developer.
              I know nothing about this format, but if it is too uncommon I wouldn't get my hopes high..
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