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    There was a preinstalled audioscrobbler plugin on the download v5.8 build 3660 but it wasn't sending scrobbles. So I went and tried to install one from the scrobbler PC app 2.1.37 but it now says in Winamp gen_wa2_scrobbler.dll NOT LOADED.

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    You just forget how to intstall the audioscrobbler plugin:

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      and afaik, it does not come with any official DL of winamp. u most likely already had it [the scrobbler plugin] installed separately when u put 5.8 on.
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        I recently checked Winamp 5.8 with the legacy desktop scrobbler and its internal plugin on Windows 10 version 1903, and it works without problems. See this thread on the support forum with a screenshot.

        As there already is a new beta version of WACUP, I will test that version with the old scrobbler 2.1.37 and plugin again. By the way, the new desktop scrobbler 3.1.29 does not support Winamp and foobar anymore, only WMP and newer iTunes versions and/or Apple Music, as iTunes is dead now. Both versions of the desktop scrobbler are still available on the "Track My Music" page.
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          Weirdly then it seems, I have not had any problems with the old scrobbler in either Win 7 or 10. I haven't checked the XP machine for a while.

          Considering the client uses the OpenSSL libs for encrypted connections I doubt OS crypto changes make a difference.
          The old client comes with OpenSSL 1.0.1 branch, but it seems the current 1.0.2t is working for me. I get info and artwork in the client and my scrobbles are live.

          (I use the ones built by indy fulgan)

          If the XP user in that thread is having random problems I can't see how that would be due to lack of support for new protocols on XP. If that is so it is showing that their security is failing. The client should simply connect or not.
          The fact that the client will connect in the default setting of no SSL is broken security anyway. SSL on should always have been the default ! Insane.

          With a system that old showing random failures but not crashing the PC, I would recommend checking for HD problems.
          It would be worth using Spinrite or even the freebie Diskfresh.
          I will try my XP system at some point and report back.

          BTW. There is yet another beta WACUP out, and now you can see a placeholder panel for scrobbling. Soon it will be integrated and you won't need the client.
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