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  • EQ as out_ plugin

    My setup is
    Winamp version: 5.666
    In plugin: in_!mpg123.dll
    Out plugin chain: Volume Logic -> out_ds.dll -> SPIDF Out (Sound Blaster Audigy 4)

    I realy like Volume Logic, but sometimes I need to retouch EQ a bit.
    I use SPDIF out, drivers for my sound card don't have EQ on this output, my Pioneer amplifier don't have EQ and Winamp EQ is before Volume Logic and that is not good or me.
    So I need some "out_eq.dll" plugin which will have some basic EQ (5 bands are OK) and be able to send data to other out plugin, so then my out plugin chan will look like this:
    Volume Logic -> "out_eq.dll" -> out_ds.dll -> SPDIF Out.

    Does someone have this kind of plugin or can write one for me please

    Thanks for help in advance.