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  • Winamp Foundation

    This spring, Winamp is opening its Foundation to help musicians across the world create music they love. All funds collected by the Foundation are redistributed to charity projects supporting music and musicians! ❤️

    If you enjoy creating visual digital artworks, we encourage you to take a look at Winamp Foundation!

    Our goal is to help musicians across the world produce music they love.

    This month we have launched our first initiative, raising money for MusicFund, a non-profit association that collects musical instruments, repairs them, and gives them a second life by donating them to music schools and socio-artistic projects in disadvantaged areas.

    The initiative is calling out all artists out there, so if you are one of them or if you know a few, please share it with them! You can submit your derivative artwork to Winamp and help raise money for Musicians across the world here!

    We’d be thrilled to see Winamp Forum members get into an official Winamp collection!

    Thank you for always helping us, putting in motion projects and initiatives that support artists and music!

    Have a great day everyone!