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Thimeo & Declipper still support Winamp directly!

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  • Thimeo & Declipper still support Winamp directly!

    I think someone should point out and personally thank Thimeo and Hans Van Zutphen for continuing to support Winamp *directly* with the Declipper plug-in 3.01. You can still buy the Declipper plug-in for €30, personal use license. It will beep about every 2 hours which is acceptible for just listening but wouldn't work too well if you wanted to run a Shoutcast server.

    If you want the standalone then Stereo Tool 9.91 is available for around €35 for personal use or €100 for the professional license. Stereo Tool includes the Declipper component. Hans let me know that the Declipper component is exactly the same as the Winamp plug-in version 3.01.

    Whereas I use Replay Gain as needed for my music collection, Declipper is excellent for listening to Internet streams such as Shoutcast & Icecast. Again, a shout-out for Thimeo and Hans for their continued support.

    http://www dot thimeo dot com/
    http://www dot stereotool dot com/
    http://www dot declipper dot com/
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