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  • Old Winamp demo song

    Greetings to everyone on the forum! Glory to Winamp!

    I would like some help finding a song. It came bundled with installations of older versions of Winamp (from 3x down I think).

    After installed, instead of just having the "Llama's A**" vignette it had a really good trance song!

    But unfortunately I don't remember the name, I don't even remember which version of Winamp it was built in... And I didn't find it in old music folders or searches related to the program.
    The oldest version of Winamp I have is 2.92, I installed it, I really believed it would be there... But... No.

    So I ask for your help.
    What's the name of that dance song that came in old Winamp installations?

    Thanks in advance!