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Winamp 5.9.1 Released

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  • I'm talking about the main site. Not here on the forum. ---> Downloads - Winamp

    As with every other sites like VLC, Audacity, Rufus, HandBrake etc. they list the latest stable version directly on the main site of what the version is now without going through the forum to check out.

    Example: Latest Desktop Version

    Windows: Stable Version 5.9.1 - (have a "View Release Notes" button) - Download.
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    • Originally Posted by Wineroz View Post
      So which is the newest version? 5.9.1 or 5.90?
      Originally Posted by NJK View Post
      Now this is just confusing - because 90 is a bigger number than 9

      And when I want to install version from the Direct Link available on
      Originally Posted by NJK View Post
      What is Winamp? Why is Winamp? How is Winamp? All these burning questions and issues discussed within.

      it says

      This will install Winamp 5.91 Final

      Originally Posted by Wineroz View Post
      are they one and the same?​
      or is this just a case of a typo in the installer?​
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      • they should have called it 5.9.0
        latest version of Winamp
        DSP Plug V2.41
        Language Packs


        • And they should have used "5.9.1" instead on "5.91" on he 4th sep of he installer?

          If yes, than now it makes sense - in that their licentiousness is misleading thus counterproductive​​


          • Originally Posted by jvidal View Post
            how did you select save WITH BOM?
            Sorry for the delay, I used an external text editor for editing and saving playlists, namely TextPad.


            • danissimo oh, ok, thanks for the tip.

              On the other hand, I'm really sorry to have to insist on this, but are the UNICODE issues EVER gonna be fixed or should just forget about winamp and move on to another player?
              Please, be honest and just tell me. If you have no interest in fixing it, just say so and I won't bother you again.
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