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Winamp 5.9 build 9999; Milkdrop crashes randomly

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  • Winamp 5.9 build 9999; Milkdrop crashes randomly

    I run a Win 10 Pro system (21H2) which has been brought up to date in terms of all device drivers and system software updates (both AMD and MS). I have no problems with any other software (I run Visual Studio 2008 and 2019, Office 2010 and 2019, Photoshop, etc) nor do I have problems with hardware; AMD Ryzen 9 5900x, 64 Gb of Patriot Viper 3600 DDR4, Radeon RX 6600 XT, 24 Tb (two arrays of 3 x 4Tb) of RAID 0 storage (Toshiba N300's), a Seagate Firecude 500gb Sytem drive, and 3 x 4Tb Seagate Expansion backup drives. Mobo is an Asrock x570 Phantonm Gaming 4 with the BIOS flashed to latest cut. This rig has remained the same since Jan 2021 without producing a single BSOD; indeed it serves as a private FTP server and often stays up for 30-40 days between scheduled maintenance and a re-boot.

    Having upgraded from a stable cut of Winamp 5.8 (why not i thought?) I have had nothing but problems. MilkDrop stutters way too often, far too often to be in antway related to interference from other software, and the system also crashes on switching Milkdrop into desktop mode. Furthermore, there are problems with watch folders not being picked up correctly, or dropping random files.

    Being a systems programmer and native code writer of over forty years standing I tried debugging it and got as far as the Realtek ALC1200 chip, where things seem to stop. And yes, I downloaded the installation three of four times and received identical files (Techpot, Winamp, AskVg, etc).

    So, has anyone else here experiemced problems with this sound chipset? Having deleted 5.9 and all WinAmp/Nullsoft registry entries a re-install of my trusted 5.8 cut has restored harmony; life is good again and Steve Morse floods my study once again. The moral of this tale is, as usual, quite simple: "If it ain't broke, then DONT fix it"!

    But why should a simple software upgrade induce such nonsense? My suspicion (unprovable) is that this has something to do with accomodating Windows 11, which is a pile of c**p. One would have thought that MS would have learned from their experience with Windows Phone (which sank faster than the Titanic and left behind the hideous flotsam of Metro Apps (ugh)) and not rushed to accomodate Android, but it seems not. Apparently one has to miss out every other Windows version (I went 98/XP/7/10 missing the disasters of ME/Vista/8), so I guess I'll wait for Windows 12(?).

    Far more importantly, unlike OS upgrades, if bugs ARE creeping into WinAmp then they will not necessarily disappear with a simple change of OS, and that should concern us all. Because, like it or not, Realtek sound chipsets are commonplace, and likely to remain so for a considerable time.

    Any ideas/comments?