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General question about Winamp shortuct :)

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  • General question about Winamp shortuct :)

    Dear All,
    I am using Winamp for 20 years and during the whole time, I was wondering - why the shortcut button for the next song in the playlist is B by default. It may be a silly question but was wondering for a very long time
    Thanks in advance!

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    are u using 5.9.1?

    are you talking about the global hotkeys? bc B is not my default.

    are u using the jtfe plugin?
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      My global hotkey for next in playlist is Ctrl + Alt+ Page down. The hotkey for the main context menu's Playback Next command is B.

      I'm using the JTFE plug-in, but those have been the hotkeys since before I started using it.

      Winamp has so many core features and associated hotkeys (not to mention what is used by official plug-ins), I assume something more suitable was already being used for something else when these were first coded.
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