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  • minor bug report and an existing feature improvement sugestion.
    htc hero, unbranded, rooted, android 2.2. shuffle and replay buttons are missing from the portrait view, though they show up just fine in landscape.

    now, i'm a little confused, because of what i've seen on screenshots of winamp 1.0 for android, these buttons appear in landscape on some screenshots.. and on some, not. but logically, i see no reason for them being cut out of the ui. all in all i don't see this:

    i've never had any issues with missing ui elements. first timer.
    i'm glad that browsing by genres i finally available in winamp. kudos to you, devs. but it could have been done in a little more neat way. don't get me wrong, i'd rather have it the way it is than not have it at all, it's just a persistent tweaker instinct.
    hope no one is going to ban me for posting this on winamp forum (wink), but here's how it's done in songbird beta for android (relax, imho shoutcast integration gives winamp the edge here):

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with
    also, htc's music player, be it windows mobile or android, has it done in a similar manner:

    Uploaded with
    also, i've been playing a little with honeycomb stock music player (the one that looks very similar to gallery 3d app from nexus one) and it also has this kind of browsing philosophy.
    btw, winamp got it right with the artist tag. {artists}>{all songs by artist, together with all albums list} - now that's handy.
    hope i'll see something like this with genres browsing in the future releases.


    • Any plans of making online services available on the android winamp app? Would be awesome if all the online services are available on my mobile as well


      • First of all thanx for his awesome app... Been using winamp since my school days..
        But this app has lot of bugs and it crashes often..
        My Desktop is Vista SP2 and phone is HTC mytouch 4g Froyo 2.2.. some of my problems are...
        1. Desktop winamp crashes quite often. Infact so often, that I rarely got to sync my files
        2. Album art never gets transferred to the device.. I tried removing the files and copy it back but never album art gets copied.. Just to double check i tried to sync with windows media player 11 and it could copy most of the album art for my files..
        3. Winamp on the device itself seems to be buggy and crash prone
        Thanx for any help..


        • 2 things

          I create playlists on my computer in winamp. Copy the playlists over to my phone overwritting the previous playlist. Go to play the music on my phone and the playlist is the same as before I altered it eventhough I over wrote the file. In the past it would eventually update to what the current playlist is. But after my last change it has been 24 hours andi still have the old versions of the playlist.

          Then a real enqueue of the next song you want to play.

          I have used winamp for ten years on pcs. Hope to see first problem I mentioned fixed so I could be as happy with winamp on my droid as I am with the pc version.


          • I'm not sure if this is a issue or a WinAmp issue. Here's the scenerio:

            I have a winamp 4x2 widget and a widget on the same screen. When using the stock android music player (HTC Evo, Stock Android), the widget displays the artist-title of the song and allows me to mark the song "loved" while is scrobbles. When using WinAmp, the widget doesn't show the artist-title of the song. However, it appears that I can mark it "loved".

            It's a minor issue, but one that would give the user comfort that they are in fact scrobbling the tune and can accurately mark it loved via the widget.


            • In the beta there was an album shortcut icon on the song that was playing and I loved that feature. I can't find that option in the final release. Has this option been removed?

              Also it would be nice if the "shuffle all" did not always randomize the next song and instead it shuffled the library and kept them in that order until you reshuffle. The reason is if you go back to the beginning of a track and accidentally go back another song the next song will not be the same song but instead a different random song. That is one of the few things I liked about the iPhone music player.

              Besides that I love this player and to me the shuffle issue is minor next to the first issue. Unless there is another way to quickly pull up the album for the current song.

              Keep up the great work.


              • Please add folder support to Winamp on Android because it is really a pain to play music from a folder with different singles (different artists/songs/albums in one folder).


                • Originally Posted by rrb View Post
                  Winamp = Awesome. Keep up the great work!!

                  Found a small bug, maybe you guys already know about it ? (See image below)

                  On the android device, songs are stored in the folder format :

                  When the ID3 of the "album" is blank, it makes a directory named "Unknown album". I think this is not recognized when winamp is scanning via wifi to try and see what files it needs to copy.


                  PS - I'm using a Galaxy I9000 (running Darkky's ROM v8.0). I'm using the latest WinAmp (5.601)
                  Originally Posted by danep View Post
                  I'm also seeing this bug, but I think the cause is different- as far as I know, all of my music has good album tags. I previously posted about it at , no response yet.
                  Same problem for me (Galaxy S also). I posted more details in the separate thread mentioned above. I hope someone from Nullsoft will read it and do something about it, as it's one of the most irritating 'features' of Winamp.


                  • I grabbed Winamp for Android primarily because I listen to music in the car all the time, and wanted to use voice search.

                    Works great except it doesn't work the way I want for album playback. If I do a voice search and it matches an album title, I want it to play that entire album, in order. Instead it shuffles the results even if I have shuffle turned off.

                    I can see it shuffling the resulting list when I voice search by artist, but I think the behavior should be different if the search finds an album.

                    (I'm not sure what should happen if the search finds a self-titled album. In this case the search finds a matching artist and album. In either case when I voice search for an album, I want it to play back in order - unless I have shuffle turned on.)


                    • The lockscreen widget seems to take control of other applications. As was mentioned earlier, it "snoozes" my alarm clock if it goes off while I'm playing music. Also, SMS Popup doesn't work when music is playing.

                      In a related matter, when a song/playlist/album is over, the app acts like it's still playing. I have to manually push the pause button afterward if I want to regain control over the mentioned apps.


                      • Winamp for Android cannot handle streaming audio feeds coming from another application. I use gReader to interface with Google Reader. When passing podcasts to Winamp, Winamp will only play part of the audio feed.


                        • Headphone Controls

                          -A List of Plugins: None
                          -PC or Motherboard make/model: Sprint EVO 4G
                          -CPU & RAM: Qualcomm QSD8650 (Snapdragon) with 512MB of RAM
                          -Sound card or chip: Unknown
                          -Videocard: Snapdragon
                          -Windows OS (including Service Pack, eg. WinXP sp2): Android 2.3.3 (CyanogenMOD 7 RC4)
                          -DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag): N/A
                          -Winamp version (eg. 5.61): 1.0.2
                          -Confirmation of the Winamp installation type (Pro, Full, Bundle, Lite): Android
                          -Have the Winamp Android Widget on one page of my homescreen.

                          I have a headset with an on/off button that works as a pause button in Winamp, or a Mute button in the Android Phone app. However, i discovered an odd "feature" recently of this button. I had been listening to some music, and paused my music and left Winamp. I then dialed in to a conference call in the Android default Phone app, and muted the call on screen. When I used the headset button to unmute the call, it unmuted the call, but also started playing my music again in Winamp. When I hit the headset button a second time, it paused my Winamp music again, and muted the call.

                          I have since found that disabling the headset control in Winamp prevents this behavior, but it also means I can't use the headset button for pausing my music anymore, which is less than perfect. Can you update Winamp so that the headset control is disabled when the user is on a phone call?


                          • Winamp is the best music player I've used for Android so far. Mostly adding my support for a couple of issues raised previously.

                            1. When using shuffle, skipping back to the previous song, then skipping forward again returns a different song. It should return the same song, like Winamp for PC does (i.e. create a random playlist rather than randomly select the next song). Perhaps there could be an option in the settings menu for how shuffle works.
                            2. The play/fwd/back buttons are too small. They also aren't sensetive enough to short taps, although that's probably an OS/hardware limitation. In effect, it's difficult to control Winamp while running.
                            3. A proper bug: trying to hang up an outgoing call with my headset starts the player and doesn't hang up (the same effect whether the player was paused or playing when the call was made). As far as I can remember, answering an incoming call works properly (I can't remember if hanging up works in this case).

                            A couple of points I didn't see in the rest of the thread:

                            4. When searching for a song (using text search, as opposed to voice search) I can type the title of the song, verbatim, and it turns up about twentieth in the search results list, below a bunch of tracks from the same album that don't (in name, artist, album, or anywhere else I can see) contain the search term, and a couple of other random tracks and albums that have no relevance whatsoever. This only occurs for some specific songs. Presumably Winamp uses the OS search engine though?
                            5. A feature request: I have a headset with a single answer/hang-up button. I can double click to skip forward in Winamp, but on my iPod I can also triple click to skip back. I can't find another player that can do it, and it would be really useful.

                            - HTC Desire
                            - Android 2.2
                            - Bose IE2 Headset with Mic. (Current Version)


                            • I've had problems with music randomly starting playing. I thought it was a wonky headphone connector, but I got some logcat output when it did it again last night. Turns out the media service just auto starts music when it's started or restarted.

                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:20.238 3023 system_server ActivityManager Process com.nullsoft.winamp (pid 14730) has died.
                              Warning 2011-04-10 05:18:20.238 3023 system_server ActivityManager Scheduling restart of crashed service com.nullsoft.winamp/.MediaPlaybackService in 5000ms
                              Warning 2011-04-10 05:18:20.238 3023 system_server ActivityManager Scheduling restart of crashed service com.nullsoft.winamp/.wifi.WifiSyncService in 15000ms
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:20.242 3023 system_server WindowManager WIN DEATH: Window{4838b998 com.nullsoft.winamp/com.nullsoft.winamp.TrackBrowserActivity paused=false}

                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.269 3023 system_server ActivityManager Start proc com.nullsoft.winamp for service com.nullsoft.winamp/.MediaPlaybackService: pid=17987 uid=10143 gids={3003, 1015, 1007}
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.340 17987 com.nullsoft.winamp Zygote Zygote: pid 17987 has INTERNET permission, then set capability for CAP_NET_RAW
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.572 17987 com.nullsoft.winamp ActivityThread Publishing provider com.nullsoft.winamp.MediaSearchProvider
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.578 17987 com.nullsoft.winamp global Default buffer size used in BufferedReader constructor. It would be better to be explicit if an 8k-char buffer is required.
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.578 3023 system_server global Default buffer size used in BufferedInputStream constructor. It would be better to be explicit if an 8k buffer is required.
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.644 17987 com.nullsoft.winamp MediaPlayer uri is:content://media/external/audio/media/731
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.644 17987 com.nullsoft.winamp MediaPlayer inside getAudioFilePath: content://media/external/audio/media/731
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.648 17987 com.nullsoft.winamp MediaPlayer The actual path is:/mnt/sdcard/Music/Judas Priest/Metalogy [Disc 3]/3. You've Got Another Thing Comin'.mp3
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.652 17987 com.nullsoft.winamp MediaPlayer path is: /mnt/sdcard/Music/Judas Priest/Metalogy [Disc 3]/3. You've Got Another Thing Comin'.mp3
                              Information 2011-04-10 05:18:25.652 17987 com.nullsoft.winamp MediaPlayer file path found for DRM fileath is: /mnt/sdcard/Music/Judas Priest/Metalogy [Disc 3]/3. You've Got Another Thing Comin'.mp3


                              • My winamp randomly started playing today. It was just sitting on my desk, paused apparently, and started playing without any intervention from me. It was locked and everything. It sometimes starts playing the song I had paused when I open the app, too. It even still shows it as paused, yet it's still playing. I can't really risk having it spontaneously playing in the middle of class so I'm forced to not use it. It's unfortunate

                                EDIT: Serendipity 6.3 on my Captivate (it does this on any ROM I run), and version 1.0.3.