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  • Hey guys from Nullsoft,

    you do a great job and im looking forward to the final release of Winamp for Android. There happen some errors with the software.
    I use
    -Intel Core i3 (M350)
    -4 GB RAM
    -Win7(x64) Professional (6.1, Build 7600) with latest updates
    -Intel HD Graphics (Core i3) Version
    -and GeForce 310M (Bios Version 70.18.4b.0.5)
    -Realtek High Definition Audio WDM (6.00.0001.6257)
    -Winamp 5.61(x86) 22. March 2011 (clean installation without winamp agent)

    HTC Desire
    Android 2.2 (official)
    Winamp for Android 1.0.3

    1. I copy a Video with Winamp to Android via WIFI and the video cannot be found as a video (only audio in winamp and other players). Tested with different .mp4 formats. Move the Video manually to another folder or back to the same folder makes it visible for other players as a video. I was not able to test this via USB because

    2. If I connect Android via USB to the PC -> Winamp crashes.

    Keep going


    • Bug:

      "I was experiencing routine disconnects (after around 7 minutes) from the Internet on my computer while using Android 2.2's USB tethering on my HTC Wildfire until I turned off the setting in Winamp for Android marked :

      "Enable auto-mount
      Automatically set device to USB drive mode when connected via USB"

      It would appear running programs on Android are able to cause tethering to disconnect."

      Feature Request:
      Ability to connect to my local internal shoutcast server. Currently if it is not in the shoutcast directory I am unable to connect to it.


      • Originally Posted by stopasking View Post
        My winamp randomly started playing today. It was just sitting on my desk, paused apparently, and started playing without any intervention from me. It was locked and everything. It sometimes starts playing the song I had paused when I open the app, too. It even still shows it as paused, yet it's still playing. I can't really risk having it spontaneously playing in the middle of class so I'm forced to not use it. It's unfortunate

        EDIT: Serendipity 6.3 on my Captivate (it does this on any ROM I run), and version 1.0.3.
        I just had to uninstall Winamp because of this. It's a shame, because I love the player otherwise. (I was looking at alternatives and don't particularly like any of them) But it just started blasting music in lecture and that's not something I can allow for. Hope it gets fixed soon!


        • I am having a lot of problems installing the app. It seems to work perfectly fine on my friends HTC, but it keeps force closing on my Samsung Captivate. Any ideas?


          • Winamp steals Bluetooth focus


            When I use the player controls on my bluetooth headphones Winamp launches and steals the focus from the Music app.

            I wanted to use the forward/back/pause/play buttons on my headset to control the Music app and Winamp wasn't even running. But when I used the controls on my headset Winamp launched and started playing music without my prompting it to.



            • Originally Posted by matthew1471 View Post
              Feature Request:
              Ability to connect to my local internal shoutcast server. Currently if it is not in the shoutcast directory I am unable to connect to it.
              An open URL dialog would fix this.

              I can't understand how this product shipped without the ability to open a file.


              • will this be optimized for honeycomb/tablets soon?...the lock screen is constantly in a vertical state and would love to have it in a horizontal state...

                also it crashes sometimes on the tablet...when im playing music and try to access the menus it FC on me...

                using stock ASUS Transformer


                • Headphone skip


                  The earbud controls for skipping music is not working properly. It pauses and plays more often than it skips the song. Maybe a "hold to skip" would be better than double click, or the time between clicks could be longer.

                  Motorola Atrix on Froyo 2.2.2 and winamp 1.0.3

                  By the way... can't enter the help part/tutorial on the phone.



                  • WinAmp pausing

                    Thanks for this app! It's amazing.

                    I'm using a Motorola Atrix 4G on Android 2.2.2

                    Winamp keeps stopping play while locked. Power settings have been set to Performance Mode, Task Killer is set to never auto-kill. Sometimes play keeps going, sometimes it pauses and I have to pull up the application (it remains running) and fast-forward a bit to where I left off. Any thoughts as to why?

                    Also, is there a setting to set certain tracks to remember where the user left off? I rip all my audiobooks to MP3 and trying to figure out where I left off is a pain.

                    Thanks again!


                    • Please, fix the headset controls!

                      It's really horrible when I'm listening to some music and I hear a call coming and can't answer it with the button. Especially when I'm wearing biking-gloves or something and I don't manage to answer the call before the caller disconnects, because I have to put my gloves off(touch screen, yay!)

                      I had to uninstall winamp, so that my headset button will both start/stop music(in the stock player, which imo sucks) and answer/end a call.

                      Please, fix it so that it would be possible in winamp too


                      • edit: I may have jumped the gun saying my ID3 tags are perfect. Will go back to testing.


                        • Any progress on the headphone button issue? It cropped up again this morning when I muted a call, and suddenly my music came blaring on. It's easy enough to turn off the headphone controls, but it's still really frustrating that I can't use headphone controls to play my music without reconfiguring my phone every time I want to take a call.


                          • I'm most eager to find out when plug-ins will be made available for Winamp Android. I've got a complete collection of game console music files (NFS, PSF/PSF2/GYM/RSN) that I'd like to be able to listen to on my Galaxy S phone. I've got enough space for these and the raw audio rips from my CDs (well enough space for those that I actually listen to anyway), but no way to play them.

                            Winamp without plugin capability = lame llama


                            • Hi,
                              I downloaded winamp on my tablet and it works fine for single tracks. But when I add more tracks, e.g 3 or 4 albums, to the play queue and I try to open it winamp crashes. All other controls seem to work. The only way to get the play queue to work again is to reinstall the app. When it crashes it gives me the following message:

                              We are sorry!

                              The application Winamp (process com.nullsoft.winamp) was closed unexpectedly. Please try it again.

                              Maybe its not exactly this message because i had to translate it from german. It only gives me the options to force exit or to send a report to google.

                              I am using a Asus eee pad Transformer with Android Honeycomb 3.0.1


                              • Shoutcast, Free music etc. not working

                                Just updated my Winamp for Android on my Droid X2 and lost all streaming function. If I select a stream, whether it's in Shoutcast or Free Music Winamp shows "connecting", then "buffering", and then it shows the player for a couple of seconds before it goes right back to the stream selection screen. I tried dozens of previously working streams to no avail. Where can I download the prevous version so that I can side-install?