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  • I'm using Winamp Pro v1.3.7 on my HTC Desire S, Android 2.3.5.

    Recently Winamp has been crashing whenever I delete an album from the Albums view (long press on album, click "delete", then "OK" to confirm). I have to restart my phone to free up Winamp - even though I can restart the app, I won't be able to play anything. Please fix!


    • Originally Posted by toneknob View Post
      I'm using Winamp Pro v1.3.7 on my HTC Desire S, Android 2.3.5.

      Recently Winamp has been crashing whenever I delete an album from the Albums view (long press on album, click "delete", then "OK" to confirm). I have to restart my phone to free up Winamp - even though I can restart the app, I won't be able to play anything. Please fix!
      Same happens when I select "Clear Play Queue" from the Play Queue menu, I have recently discovered


      • On CM10(S3), Winamp sees two different locations for mp3s stored on an external SD card. One file will play, one will not. At some point, winamp crashes.


        • Album washer seems to break the exp:

          Help us build what we feel is the best media playback and management app on Android!
          PENN STATE Radio or
          BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
          Wish #1 = Multiple Column Sorting
          Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing


          • I have a bug but it's more closely related to Media Scanner than Winamp.
            Originally Winamp wouldn't add a few new songs to the library(Through my external SD card) and I didn't want to play it through the folder every time. So I looked online and found a huge group who have had problems with a number of solutions. Following their lead I tried Media Scanners and many other tools but none worked. I scoured through the Winamp Forums and hundreds of pages from regular android sites. Eventually I had reinstalled winamp flushed the dalvik cache, cleared the media storage and done at least 40 media scans. I have at this point run out of pages, have used everything from startup app control to terminal commands. It's become clear that the problem is with media scanner over multiple music apps though Winamp may have been the original problem. I Have deleted all the new songs and even replaced the old ones but it won't work anymore and my library won't add anything from the external SD card. I even checked for .nomedia folders. If anyone can help please reply.


            • Every track twice

              Samsung Galaxy SII
              Android 4.0.4

              Winamp 1.4.1.

              All my MP3 files are in a folder on the external SD card.

              All files are listed twice everywhere, the first listed file will not play (it never starts playing but winamp doesn't crash). The second listed file is apparently the correct one and plays just fine.
              Due to this bug playlists do not work any more, since the player apparently tries to play the "wrong file".


              • Is there *any* hope that WinAmp for Android will handle basic tags properly? My FLACs are all properly tagged, the tags display correctly in the PC version both in my local media and when I select the Nexus 7 tablet. But WinAmp on the tablet is completely clueless about the album, artist, title, track, genre and year even those tags are in the media files.


                • I purchased the app to change program which used because the other did not read WMA. Google Play, on the navegation, said it had no incompatibilities with my Motorola Cliq/Dext (using Cyanogenmod 7.2 = Android 2.37) but after I bought and download the Pro key, i discover that the Pro funcions as the search for folders that was the reason for the purchase, did not work. Frustrated!

                  Nullsoft, launch an update to at least search for work folders on my device with the Pro key, Was $4,99 throwed away? Have i let 2 music programs on my Android cause one read MP3 only and is more "searchable" for the files than Winamp for Android?

                  I think an update could correct the things.


                  • Winamp for Android usability bugs

                    I like winamp for Android. However, as a basic music player there are two shortcomings:

                    1. After playing a file in a folder, the music player continues at the FIRST song of the folder, instead of the one following it. This is very annoying. Please continue playing the next logical song in the folder.

                    2. When going up from a folder to the parent folder, the scrollbar goes back to the top, instead of staying in the place where it was when I went into the folder. This is annoying.

                    3. Making playlists from within the folder view is difficult/impossible (I haven't figured out how to do it yet!)

                    Otherwise, I like winamp , so I hope you can fix these problems soon!


                    • Trouble with scrolling lyrics

                      Thanks for adding the lyrics; I really like that feature. Only about 10% of my lyrics scroll. The rest of them show up (unless they're not available), but don't scroll with the song. Wondering if that's a bug, or something on my end. I have 1.4.4 running on a Galaxy Nexus, Jelly Bean 4.1.1.


                      • Not sure if i should put it here. But will anyway .

                        I use winamp on my phone mainly in my car. When using the phone upright it displays beautifully large album art.

                        However i usually use my phone on it's side. Which looks like this:

                        I Suggest this, if it's already possible, i can't seem to find the way to adjust this:


                        • Sony Erricsson Ray ST18i


                          I'm sure this has already been posted, but I to also have a number of bug issues to report about this winamp android app. I am sure its the latest as I just downloaded today.

                          Background on phone. Its out of the box Telus pre-paid phone. Model is Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray ST18i. It was Android 2.3 but I've updated the firmware to run 4.0.4 with the latest update. Build number 4.1.B.0.587, Device is rooted and has Samba file sharing installed.

                          Now just for sake of saying I have been a computer professional for over 20 years, so when I give you the details, it means I have tried everything I could think of in a logical manner.

                          First off, its the connectivity. For some reason when I connect my device via (in MTP mode) the cable, the winamp app discovers it, but it finds some random sound que directory on the phone somewhere. My guess is it a voice thing for the phone to talk to you while driving. Certainly not the music folder thats for sure. Updated: I tried disconnecting the phone and selecting auto-mount from the options menu. While it did show the correct folder as to where the music is located, I was not able to transfer anything using this mode. It eventually cause a hanging response in Winamp PC version and I had to shut it down.

                          So I connected the device in MSC (Mass Storage Mode) from the options in the settings on the phone. Winamp no longer recognizes the device. I didnt want to tamper with the files or objects winamp pc version found on the device so I just unplugged it.

                          Ok, so I tried to put a few songs in the "music" folder on the phone (using samba networking) and play it on the phone from the device. Winamp doesnt see the my music file I just put on the phone. However since the phone is brand new, it shows the sample songs, which I though I deleted while putting the song on the device, in the playlist. While the songs information and album art was there, it couldnt play the song.

                          Well the next step was to see if the wireless (android app) was working. I enabled it on the device, and discovered it with out a problem on the Winamp pc app. Found the demo songs, but also did not see the song I put on the device earlier with file sharing. I deleted demo songs winamp pc found and then transferred another song to the device using winamp pc this time. Played it on the device no problem.

                          So here is the problem in short. It seems the only way to get music on my device is by using the Winamp PC program to transfer it wireless to my device. Winamp android app will not see music transfer to the "music" folder in if using windows explorer, either by wireless or usb (MSC) connections. And that when connected in MTP mode it does not write to the correct music folder nor does it even see the directory where music is suppose to be stored.

                          While this is very nice day to day. I have a bit of a problem with that when it comes to mass transfers. See I just bought my device, and its going to take a long, very long time to fill that now. Cause well, wireless transfer of oh say a 1000+ songs takes not only a long time to select in Winamp with the current media library, but also because of simply wireless is a lot slower then usb transfer speeds. I would like to just drag and drop my music folder sometimes too just by using explorer. I hope you can see my problem here.

                          Updated: I was able to transfer my music to my phone, however the ONLY method was to connect the device with the droid app via the wifi selection and transfer it one by one (so to speak) via the Winamp desktop version. No other method as worked.

                          In the 20+ years I have been in the computer trade, I have always used Winamp on pc. Admittedly, I was an XMMS (linux clone) fan though.
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                          • External SD Card support?

                            What about recognizing an external SD card ? I have one in my Galaxy S III and have moved over 8gb of songs to it. I listen based on genres, and having to create a playlist several hundred songs long with o n e s o n g a t a t i m e is a real pain in the butt! Please, you have GOT to add better SD card / playlist support. This is just painful.


                            • Folder Play Bugs


                              First of all: good work! I like winamp for Android very much.

                              However, as I almost exclusively browse and play music using folder-play, I would very much appreciate Winamp fixing two major bugs there:

                              1. Making playlists from within the folder view is not possible. Adding songs to playlists while browsing folders seems to work at first - but the songs do not appear on the playlists.

                              2. After playing a file in a folder, the music player continues at the first song of the folder, instead of the one following it. This is kind of annoying. (This only happens in the initial normal view of a specific folder and does not happen when changing to playlist-view first.)

                              Looking forward to an update!


                              • I was wondering if anyone was looking at this page... sure would be nice to get at least an acknowledgement from someone at Winamp.

                                Also if I may point out some improvement... With regards to playing your playlist and searching for a song to play... Often I want to hear one song on my playlist, searching for it on my device is a pain, takes too long. If use the search functions, what I dont like about that is that you find the song and play it and winamp clears your playlist and cues only that song/album. I just want it to play that song and return to the playlist I loaded.