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  • I dont know if this has ever been posted, But ever since upgrading to the new versions, All the streams that I manually added no longer displays the screen that shows whats playing. The stream would play, But Winamp for Android would be unresponsive and the live stream would continue playing until I exit Winamp. The reason why I added a couple of streams manually cause Shoutcast doesn't find most of the live streams I listen to. Now it seems anything I add will no longer display the information when it connects to the feed.


    • How many songs do you guys have in your playlist? Recently i put around 4.000 songs on a sd-card but winamp crashed and all the music files on the sd-card were removed. So how should i avoid this in the future?

      Is there anything to say about a maximum playlist length?


      • Ratings and two way sync of ratings for winamp android please!


        • ok, again still wondering if anyone in winamp is looking at this forum... if you expect me to be buying the pro version for my phone any time soon we had better get better support here... this is rediculous and so far hasnt convinced me at all into investing any of my hard earn money into this program. Whats really sad from me saying that is this... I have been using Winamp since your first early days of development. Yeah, really since Winamp v1 (what ever the full release was). So know this, if this dont change, your going to loose a very loyal user!

          Now that the rant is over, and sorry for that, more bugs to report. Winamp itself is very unstable often not working or crashes during play. Also something very annoying, the playlist will often repeat the same song again after just playing it. Sometimes even advancing the song to play another plays the same song. My playlist is 550 songs and growing so I really dont think there should be a problem with finding something else to ques. Anyways the playlist function really needs work, big time. A lot of times what really gets me is I'll stop music playing for a while and then start it up again, often on my walks, the playlist doesnt change, plays the same stuff over and over... random play should be that, random. You need a random number generator and make it exclude the last 20 or so songs played in the playlist. My thoughts anyways.

          Thanks for listening from a loyal Winamp user.


          • Hey team

            I know I created a thread already but I just wanted to post it up here ,
            Can you guys please make the lyrics scroll more smoothly

            Please and thank you


            • Winamp on my PC, rocks...winamp in my lappy, rocks....n now winamp on my andoroid...rock much better. I am enjoying it!!!


              • I wish there will be an option in wireless syncing to choose where to save the files so i do not have to deal with MTP's issues.
                I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 (International) and there is no known way for me to mount the file as USB Mass Storage. MTP also has issues where it is incapable of transferring some files. I've been able to download those same exact songs when I plug the microusb card to the system, but not when it's done via MTP.

                Another thing to wish for is:
                When syncing playlists and such, I really wish that winamp doesn't have to redownload ALL my music everytime I resync. Can it not just check to see if the files are already there and leave it alone ?

                Synced music files via MTP are not recognized. A song will be shown 1 way on the desktop winamp, but when it gets downloaded to the phone, it shows a different name and everytime i sync it, it asks if I want to delete those files because it doesn't recognize the file and when i look at it, it shows that they're redownloading the same exact file.. just that winamp is displaying the same exact file differently.


                • can we please get better m3u handling?

                  - m3u listins should populate off the disk when the media scanner runs after each reboot.
                  - m3u files should never be deleted from disk after added to the winamp database.
                  - there needs to be a way to delete every m3u file on the disk, when an entire audio collection is reloaded.
                  - there needs to be a way to "check" which m3u files we wish to delete.
                  ...deleting m3u files 1 at a time is rather annoying and can be a difficult task for users with a very large music collection

                  FLAC support, everyone else has it why shouldn't winamp android?

                  random playback of directories and/or specific folders, etc


                  • Still bug-ridden after all this time

                    Hello to any devs that might be listening.
                    Used Winamp on the PC for more than a decade. Excellent app! Congrads! However, after only god knows how long on Android it is still, and inexcusably - for a paid app, bug-ridden. Here we go;

                    Major issues
                    1. App stops playing (and doesn't resume) when I move and/or delete files via My Files. Happens as soon as files reach their destination and I get the popup confirming the move/delete. Happens with non-music files (.vcf in this case) and the files are not in any folder Winamp is using.

                    2. Play/Pause button often doesn't restart play - both normally and after returning from a screen-off state. If it works it needs multiple pushes.

                    3. If I stop a track part way through then come back to the app and slide the slider back to the start of the song then exit the app it will not then play from the beginning of the track. It will keep playing from the position it was at before I moved the slider.

                    Originally Posted by lastpersononweb View Post
                    After applying metadata or album art, the "saving tags...please wait" pop-up stays on screen and won't close. I need to force close the app for it to stop.
                    Same here. After using Album Washer since it was introduced until now this problem still hasn't been fixed! Seems the OP was ignored...hopefully this post won't be.

                    5. The playlist order changes after not using the app for a while. Obviously I do not have Randomize or Repeat functions turned on. The order is usually disrupted by 2 (sometimes 3) places, ie:
                    1. Track 1
                    2. Track 2
                    3. Track 3
                    4. Track 4
                    5. Track 5
                    6. Track 6

                    after an extended period of inactivity the above playlist order will become something like

                    1. Track 5
                    2. Track 6
                    3. Track 1
                    4. Track 2
                    5. Track 3
                    6. Track 4

                    This bug has been present for more than a year and is a complete pain in the butt! I have to manually drag the out of place tracks to the bottom of the list or clear the playlist and re-play the folder. The latter is the quicker of the two, especially if there are more than say 15 or 20 songs in the playlist.

                    Possible major issue
                    6. At a glance battery usage seems ok - after a whole day of usage and a couple of hours of playing music the CPU usage (total and foreground) seem acceptable but the Keep Awake stats are something to be desired. It often goes above two hours and I've heard that a lot of Keep Awakes will drain the battery.

                    Minor issues
                    7. Some updates will install smoothly over a previous version while others need the app to be uninstalled first. Have no idea why this is the case.

                    8. Settings-Miscellaneous-Set Device Name setting often doesn't remember what has been input after a new install. Note that I do not clear the app's data before or after an install.

                    9. Gracenote results can be way off at times. Not sure if this is a problem with data sent from Winamp or on the other end but it could perhaps be looked into.

                    And on a final note - and this is my personal opinion - you SHOULD make the app exit when exited and not hang around in memory. Responsible coding please!

                    I encourage everyone here to post their problems and give feedback. By all means quote parts of this post and shout to Nullsoft and tell them THEY NEED TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER. Seems they aren't taking their users' opinions seriously. Check out the Google Play comments from people who are experiencing problems and you will know what I am referring to. Let's hope something is done about all these serious bugs!

                    Device: Motorola DROID RAZR (XT910, GSM)
                    Android Version: 2.3.6
                    Winamp Version(s): Always latest versions - currently 1.4.10
                    Note: both free and paid versions of Winamp experience the above problems

                    Standard install on internal SD card w/4x2 Widget
                    Almost all music is played through headphones
                    I have no other settings, ie: Auto Mount, Scrobbling, Replay Gain, SHOUTcast etc enabled, don't use WiFi and do not use Winamp to sync to the PC
                    Have tried playing with settings including; Settings-Miscellaneous-Use Lock-screen Player and Settings-Miscellaneous-Control Headset but makes no difference to the appearance and frequency of the bugs mentioned above


                    • WIFI dont work with winamp agent running

                      here's a weird one using 1.410 on a gs3 3392 on msi gt70 laptop win 8 Cant connect to wifi if winamp agent is on weird huh but as soon as I exit winamp agent winamp sees my droid right away.


                      • Bluetooth Playback and Persistent playlist

                        I'm looking for a decent music player and I was pleased to see WinAMP still kicking the llama's ass (I grew up with WinAMP on Win98 back in the 90's). I use my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) to feed my bluetooth headunit in my car, there's a few features that seem to be missing and making WinAMP more of a nuisance than a help and preventing me sploshing the dosh on the pro version:

                        1) Persistent playlist - the Samsung music player keeps track of the list of music it's currently playing (either the album, the playlist or some other list of music I've asked it to play) and when it re-connects to the car, it picks up where it left off (even after closing down the application). The last thing I want to do is realise just after pulling out of the car park that I'm playing the first track of the first album of music on my phone and then start fiddling with the phone to get back to the playlist I had before and then find the track in the playlist.

                        2) Bluetooth information feedback - my headunit displays the current track, album, artist information, and sometimes playback time remaining. Aside from playback time, all that info comes through the Samsung player, but not with WinAMP player - would be nice to have the info on the display

                        3) Quicklist - a nice feature on the Samsung player is the ability to maintain a quicklist, just browsing my music when I'm idle and deciding to add it to the quicklist for later listening


                        • file forma not supported

                          I just updated my winamp player in my android jellybean sony xperia go st27i, i also upgraded to pro, but alas always same error, file format non supported, i can play same mp3 files with sony integrated walkman widget and with vlc for android, so I reckon it must be a winamp issue after last update


                          • Yup, it looks like playback is broken in 1.4.11 for Sony Xperia

                            We've received a few other reports.

                            Stay tuned for a fix.

                            Were you experiencing any choppy playback or random pausing issues with 1.4.10?

                            Playlist | Twitter | Albums


                            • Hi DJ Egg
                              thanks for your reply, I hope you will deliver a fix soon, I upgraded to pro because I felt keen on winamp.
                              To answer you, I did not experienced choppy playback or random pausing with former version of winamp, I just can't play my files (any kind of them, mp3 wma ...) since last update.
                              Best wishes


                              • Force Close after multiple reinstalls

                                HTC EVO 4G
                                Android-Version 2.3.5
                                Winamp for Android 1.4.11

                                Installed on internal
                                Total internal 512
                                Internal free 134

                                Uninstall and reinstall multiple times. Upon execution get the following:


                                The application Winamp (process com.nullsoft.winamp) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

                                Force close

                                This is just recent. (last couple of months) First install (about 2 years ago) went flawlessly. Worked for over a year. All other apps on phone work fine. Reseated SD card, but Winamp installed internal, for widgets to work.

                                Is this a known issue now? Searched all forums, and cannot find a confirmed resolution.

                                Thanks in advance for any help. Really like Winamp for Android. Relegated to stock HTC app for now. Okay, but not Winamp. Hate to have to shop for an alternative to "The Lama."