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    Originally Posted by robollama View Post
    I've updated Winamp to v5.59, and downloaded the winamp app on android. However, when I right click devices and do discovery, nothing happens. I also have wifi-syncing enabled on the app and they are both using the same wifi network. Any help??
    also if it helps I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64bit


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      I have wifi sync setup and working great so far. Just one thing, when I transfer a playlist, only the music gets copied over. Is there a way to get the actual playlist to transfer over to the phone?

      Also, we need a way to set a default music folder on the phone. Right now it copies everything to the root of the sd card.


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        Originally Posted by slipd View Post
        I have wifi sync setup and working great so far.
        How did you get it working?


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          Originally Posted by amirdt View Post
          it seems that currently winamp plays all media files including ringtones, etc.

          Originally Posted by amirdt View Post
          edit: Also when syncing (using wifi, winamp 5.59 public beta on the pc) it will be very usefull if the sync will be into the above configured root folder (e.g. Sdcard/music ) and not all over the sdcard.


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            any possibility / plans of implementing folder structure options when syncing over wi-fi?


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              Originally Posted by zombieneedo View Post
              How did you get it working?
              Make sure you start winamp on the phone when you select Discover...


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                Keeps crashing

                I just downloaded the 5.59 beta and installed it. I was looking forward to the Android sync option. However when I try to start it, it just crashes. I am running Win 7 Ultimate 32bit.



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                  Nevermind I fixed it. Thanks for the post's about chaning the Reg value to 0.


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                    amirdt: that's because of how media files are handled by android.
                    on startup and when mounting an sdcard(inserting sdcard or disconnecting from PC)android makes a list of all music files on your sdcard.
                    when you open a music player, android presents it with this list.
                    it is possible to exclude the content of specific folders from being listed by placing a file named .nomedia in it, but i don't recommend doing so because you won't be able to set ringtones from those folders either.

                    now a feature request from me: some more widgets!
                    most media players come with widgets of different sizes(4x1, 2x2, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4)
                    personally i'd like to see a widget that focusses less on song info(not everyone wants album art), and more on (big) buttons(for an example, look at the 4x1 widget in grooveshark mobile)

                    i think you made a nice interface, and a great playlist management system though.


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                      Got my Droid X with 2.2 recognized via wifi, but it always wants to sync my entire library, not just my playlists. I do not have an Advanced tab under preferences so I cannot specify where on my SD card to sync the songs. Autofill says it will transfer 0 songs. Is there something that I'm missing?


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                        Winamp w/ Android

                        Same problems as others have listed:

                        Cannot get device to connect over USB, WiFi works fine.

                        Needs path info for copy. Root folder copy is NO GOOD.

                        Copy album art jpgs with music files.


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                          Installed the beta and the Android app, my Evo shows up just fine and I can play media off it. Unfortunately, every time I try to copy anything to it I get "Failed" with no useful error information. The SD card has plenty of space and works just fine to copy to from my PC if plugged in, but Winamp can't seem to write to it over WiFi.


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                            ive found that if you right click and disconnect on the device the wifiwinamp service continues to run but if you try to scan from the desktop again it will not find the phone. I will post a logcat later

                            also, the autofill seems to be grabbing all of my tracks in alphabetic order, not random full albums., and yes im using autofill and not sync

                            this new wireless sync and winamp music player is absolutely fantastic. you dont understand how amazing this integration is and how happy it has made me. the only thing left to let me die happy is a play count sync from the device back to my desktop and a star rating option on the phone.

                            i am using a rooted nexus one and i am pretty familiar with android so if you need anything specific for me to try anything let me know.

                            edit: yes please make the destination folder on the handset configurable, i do love me a clean sdcard
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                              There is a bug when searching for media, it doesn't show album art in the search results.

                              A few more suggestions:
                              • As other suggested put an option to select the music folder, so it doesn't show audio files from the SD
                              • When transcoding tracks to the Android phone (and transcoding in general) make the cover art to be copied with the rest of the tags. For instance if I have an mp3 file with an embedded cover image, when I convert it to m4a, it copies all the ID3 fields, except the cover art. It would be awesome if the desktop client can do this.


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                                Crash during installation

                                Was trying to install but crash when it associate the file type, attached the crash report
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