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  • Hi,
    I want to be able to listen to Shoutcast streams by connecting my phone (Galaxy-S Froyo) to my pc - so no bluetooth or wifi. For when I don't have access to both (see my post "stream shoutcast from pc to android"). Afaik there is no solutin for this yet... Woule be great!


    • Originally Posted by disgustipated View Post
      also, the autofill seems to be grabbing all of my tracks in alphabetic order, not random full albums., and yes im using autofill and not sync
      I have the same problem, I think it's not properly detecting how much disk space is available. This only happens to me when I try connect my HTC Magic via Wifi, if I do it via USB cable then it works fine.

      Great feature though, I look forward to it working correctly over Wifi as well.


      • Wired vs. Wireless Naming Convention Bug

        If I sync the same song to my Samsung Captivate Android phone over USB and Wifi, it gets duplicated with a slightly different name.

        USB Format: "2. Blah.m4a"
        Wifi Format: "02 Blah.m4a"

        Winamp Version 5.601 x86 on Win7-64

        [x] Use CD Rip Settings (all defaults)

        Has this been reported?


        • Wireless Sync crashes every time

          Droid Incredible, Android 2.2

          Wireless sync: Device is found, is correctly read. Sync starts, but Winamp Desktop crashes every time - sometimes 1 song will be transferred, sometimes 10-20.

          Wired sync works fine, but the idea of wireless sync was too cool to pass up.

          Oh - I tried it with phone unplugged, USB (Charge only) plugged, AC Plugged. I set the screen to not lock while plugged in. Same result.


          • Winamp for Android is fantastic. I love the wireless transfer feature which is much more convenient than hooking my phone up to my PC with USB.

            I have a bug with the transfer though. I have the Big Boi album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. If I try to transfer any of the songs it just hangs at "Connecting" on the transfer status.

            I've isolated the issue to having the full "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" as the album name for tracks. If I truncate it to just "Sir Lucious Left Foot" the tracks transfer successfully. So it seems there is a bug with really long album names? I thought it might be the : at first, but changing that to a , didn't change anything.


            • I'd like to see what bitrate the current song is at. Best case is all of the standard format info details that you see in the desktop version's "View File Info...".

              Great work fellas


              • With the Winamp Android version, is it possible to select (configure) the root folder in which Winamp should look for the music files?


                • Running wimap 5.61 on Win 7 x64. Running latest winamp client on an Incredible running stock 2.2.

                  Various items.

                  Wifi sync doesn't work if you have multiple network interfaces, including vmware nics, or vpn nics. Please fix. I've had to disable those other items to use wifi sync and I'd like to keep using wifi sync and turn them back on. Winamp desktop never sees the device when this problem is happening.

                  I can choose to sync a playlist and it more or less syncs the music of that playlist to my device, and it puts a playlist by that name on the device, but that playlist is empty. When I resync I get multiple copies of the files, but no updated playlist content on device. I really want to be able to copy over multiple playlists, but end up with only one copy of each song on my device and be able to have those playlists, be items I can play, on the device. The beauty of the desktop client, device client synergy (should be) is that you can do a lot of your management on the desktop client where it's easy.

                  As many others have mentioned there needs to be a way to not have all your game sound files and other random items listed in winamp so that if you want to just do a play all (since right now I can't play my playlists) I don't have hundreds of tiny short game sound files included in my play all.

                  If you have music on your computer at a couple of different levels it doesn't always sync properly.

                  I have

                  N:\music\artist\album\song but I also have
                  N:\music\singlesong purchases\artist\album\song and


                  All the items that are in playlists that are in this structure


                  sync pretty reliably, most of the others almost never sync.

                  Winamp needs to list or have a way to find the total size in megs or gigs of the songs in a playlist so one can have a hope of designing playlists that fit on your device.

                  Please make winamp for the droid a complete product as the combo of the 2 is amazingly fun and powerful.



                  • Winamp for Android Snoozes my Alarm

                    Hey Winamp team,

                    Nice job so far, however, since either your new version or the recent Froyo update, Winamp somehow snoozes my alarms. I've been able to reproduce it repeatedly.

                    The onboard alarm had been working fine, pausing Winamp playback when the alarm goes off, but since the upgrades I'll simply see "snoozing for 5 min" appear, as if I manually touched the screen to snooze.

                    Tested android music player and it doesn't exhibit this behavior.

                    Thanks for your attention to this if you get a chance.


                    • Skins?

                      I use winamp while driving and the play / pause button is too small and too close to next/back buttons. Too often I hit the next or back button and then loose my place in a long book on tape chapter.

                      Are there skins yet for the Android version or any other way to solve this?


                      • WiFi sync transfer Failed. Resolution???

                        I have seen quite a few people with a similar issue to mine. I am running Windows 7 32bit with the newest version of Winamp on both my computer and my Motorola Cliq Android phone. Two issues:

                        1.) USB does not work. Winamp does not see my device (it does see it as a removable drive, but not as an android phone)

                        2.)WiFi sync keeps saying Transfer Failed. There has been no answer or resolution on this and it seems to be a fairly common problem for some people. At least put a reason for the Failed status in the program so we can see why it's failing and take steps to fixing it. I've tried everything I can think of and followed all the steps for setting it up, but as it is, there doesn't seem to be any way for me to sync these programs.

                        Please, someone from Winamp respond or if any user out there had a similar issue and fixed it please post. (I have tried turning off the transcoder, changing it to different formats, same problem no matter what).


                        • Constant crashes on Xperia X10 Mini (Android 2.1) possibly due to the album art problems.

                          Please see this thread:
                          Help us build what we feel is the best media playback and management app on Android!


                          • i prefer to have my album art as a single folder.jpg however when using usb sync the .mp3's end up with the album art embedded in the song.

                            maybe there could be a setting that simply copies the files across without changing them at all.


                            • Lock Screen Rotation

                              I would love for a way to lock the screen rotation for this app. I use my Droid Incredible as my primary music player and I live in NYC so I do a lot of walking and listening. My phone is in and out my pocket all the time while I select new tracks, add songs to playlists, etc. As I take the phone out the screen will often switch to landscape mode which is hard to use when you are on the go. The ability to keep Winamp in portrait mode while in use would be great. I've used mixzing and merridian player in the past and one of these players had this option but I forget which.


                              • Swipe/gesture support

                                I use my phone in a car dock when I'm driving. I'm ready to switch music apps to something else but current app allows me to swipe the screen to change songs, very quick and handy when driving. It would be wonderful to have this option in the Winamp app. Trying to find the button to move to the next track while driving could be dangerous.

                                Also it would nice to have the album art larger, maybe even fill the screen and put the controls over the artwork. Why take the time to embed all the album art if it's not easily viewed while playing.