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Winamp for Android (current version: v1.4.15)

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    Upgraded to 1.2.1, unfortunately no change in the button control behavior, I need to open winamp before it will take control of the headphone buttons. I've also noticed that if I stop it for longer than a few minutes it will "lose" the place it paused in, and restart at the beginning of the song (which isn't fun when you listen to 40+ minute DJ sets ), and of course it loses control of the headphone buttons as well..

    I hope this will get addressed in 1.2.2


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      New "fixed" upgrade not working.

      I concur with previous statement about the 1.5 second pause then 1.5 seconds of music repeated. Same issue on my LG Optimus S. Makes the app completely useless. I've been an avid winamp user for years. Very disappointed. I just went back to 1.1.1 For you that want to do the same here's a link:

      Please fix this soon so I can upgrade to pro.


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        Can someone tell me on what location Winamp for Android v1.2.2 is installed on an android phone? I would like to clean up all traces of the app before I reinstall it for the 8th time. Thanks.


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          shoutcast not working

          Hi, Im running the latest winamp update on my HTC Desire Z with Android. Since the update, none of my saved shoutcasts are working - says "failed to play requested stream".. same issue as this one below..

          Originally Posted by Greg_E View Post
          sigh... Still no aac+ streams listed in search, still no way to enter a stream URL manually, still no m3u (didn't test .pls but I bet it doesn't work either). Still recommending competitors for our streaming station so that droid users can listen.

          Needed to edit because no shoutcast streams are working for me, just says "failed to play the requested stream" on all of the streams that I tried.

          FYI I downloaded this from the market about 15 minutes ago so I assume it is the latest versions, think it said 1.1.1. Installed on my Archos 43it "tablet" running the latest firmware, Android 2.2.x)


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            My system has just been updated to 1.2.2 and it is also stuttering in the same way as 1.2.1
            Could I suggest rolling back and/or suspending the application in the market place because this is a fundamental issue and you will be receiving bad reviews from it until it is fixed.


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              1.2.2 is here, and the same problems remain.

              It's almost like winamp gets shut down if it's paused for more than a few minutes, the headphone buttons no longer control winamp, and it restarts songs at beginning instead of where they were paused..

              1.1.x worked so well, I'm now back using the default android player because it doesn't have any of these problems.


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                I tested today the new version, and I disappointed to see that the problem is unresolved and the program crash on asus transformer with HC 3.2 when try to open a song or anything else. The same when I try to connect with pc by wi-fi. Sorry for my poor english.


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                  Very disappointed that Bluetooth controls were largely broken with v1.2.x. How do I downgraded and get my $4.99 back for the pro version. This upgrade was Big step BACK.


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                    Originally Posted by waterhand View Post
                    First off, thanks so much for giving Android a proper music player.

                    There are some things I would like to see happen (if possible):

                    1) I really enjoy the crossfade feature in Winamp. Will it be coming to the Android version?

                    2) While listening to music, when a text or email is received, the song cuts out to play the notification sound. Other apps, like CardioTrainer, allow the notification sound to play on top of the song (the song is just dampened a little). That would also be a great feature.

                    On a great note, I am so very happy that Winamp will play right after a call has ended. For some reason, the Android music player and other music apps do not do that any more. Great work!

                    I look forward to the finished product!
                    Ditto to the crossfade suggestion... been looking at Android as a O/S for simple radio automation... Any thoughts in this regards?

                    Chris in New Zealand.


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                      Just tried out 1.2.3 It ran fine for about 20 minutes then started with the same stuttering as it had in 1.2.2.


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                        Today I found further information regarding the stuttering music. It didn’t give me 20 minutes of good music today, The difference between when it did and didn’t was turning on Random. With Random off I got 20 minutes before it went bad. With Random on, it fails on the second track.


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                          I posted my findings in a different thread, but it looks like this is the main thread for "user testing". For me - it has to do with the text scrolling back and forth of the song title. If I have my phone landscape mode, I get normal playback. If I turn my phone profile, the playback stutters every time the text scrolling changes direction. As soon as I turn off the screen, the stuttering happens all the time.

                          I'll try the random / shuffle mode, and see if that makes a difference.

                          -= Einy =-


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                            Just tried the latest update on my Xperia Play on 2.3.4
                            I am happy to report that the track skipping issue is resolved!

                            However, when i tried to setup my equalizer, it and the preamp had no effect, (yes i turned it on.)


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                              are there plans to make flac detectable by winamp? browsing through folders to listen to my music is getting really irritating not to mention i can't scrobble this way. plus the fact that when i choose a song from an album it adds all the songs to the queue but SHUFFLES them. i can't even just listen to an album from start to finish without having to go through and manually sorting it. please fix this. i beg of thee


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                                Single track repeat does not work

                                Bug report: Single track repeat does not work on V1.2.4 (HTC Sensation).