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Winamp for Android (current version: v1.4.15)

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    Well 1.2.4 still hasn’t fixed the playback failure, it has changed it. On random it played successfully for 15 to 20 minutes, then started distorting, and stuttering. The distorting is new but it is still broken.


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      The good news.
      It looks like 1.2.5 has corrected all of the stuttering and distorting issues. I ran it on Random for several hours yesterday with 2 one hour blocks and it ran without issue.


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        My freezing problems have been solved. Thanks to the Winamp Android team for a job well done!


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          I seem to be having this issue now... Sometimes the app just stops playing music.
          Winamp PRO 1.2.5
          Samsung Galaxy G2, Model GT-I9100
          Android version 2.3.5
          Most songs stored on external SD Card, but this effects songs on the handset too.

          Sometimes randomly through the day, or often after a song is paused, the app will stop playing. Pressing the play/pause key will switch the icon, but the app doesn't start playing and the progress bar doesn't move. Skipping to a new song doesn't help - the progress bar stays on 00:00 and nothing happens.

          Like you, the only way to fix it is to restart the phone.

          Originally Posted by Danielvago View Post
          I just downloaded the newest version of Winamp for my HTC Desire android, and the first thing I did was upgrading it to "pro".

          I have an issue:

          It doesn't play music. One could say this is a pretty big issue.
          I pick a song but the bar (that shows where you are in the song) doesn't move. I have tried to pause/unpause and move it around the song, as well as trying several songs.
          I have also tried to restart my phone.

          I also tried the stock music player and that works just fine.


          I just re-installed it and now it works.


          Ok, the problem is still there. I just tried to play songs from an album and nothing would play. Then I went to another album, played a song and went to the first album whilst that was playing, and now it worked.
          Additional information:
          * Uninstalling and re-downloading does not help - the issue is still there
          * You can trigger the bug 80% of the time by pausing a song and then skipping a song


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            I'm also having the same issue with 1.2.5 where Winamp just stops playing. For me it's easily reproducible by just switching from one album to the next. Start playing an album, it's OK ... pause the playback, go back to the "home" screen and select another artist/album and press 'play'. Says it's playing but no sound and no progress. You can press the pause/play and it changes the icon, but nothing really happens. The only way to re-start it is to 'kill' the app with the Task Manager.

            This is on a Samsung Galaxy S II on Sprint (aka Epic Touch 4G). Hoping for a fix soon.




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              Killing with the task manager is lot less annoying than rebooting the phone!

              That wasn't working for me because I was trying to exit winamp, so it wasn't in the task manager to kill! So, switch tasks and kill the winamp task DOES restore service.


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                Winamp Android Pro 1.26 doesn't start at all!

                Anybody with some good advice?
                System: Samsung Galaxy SII (GT-I9100), Android v2.34
                Error msg:
                "The application Winamp (process com.nullsoft.winamp) has terminated unexpectedly. Please try again"

                It worked fine on the day of original installation, but now none successful program start for days.
                Thanks for further help!


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                  I am also now experiencing the issue where it stops playing after 3 or 4 tracks on 1.2.7


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                    Where is v1.2.8?


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                      I buy last week pro edition.

                      I like Winamp for Android, but one problem i have. I I'm listening 2hour trance sets. Then i put music to pause music stops. Later when i want continue listening music offen from the beginning.

                      When music is on pause short time, then music continues from the same place when i stops.

                      I have 1.2.7 version.

                      My phone is Samsung Galaxy Xcover, 2.3.6.

                      The file size 100Mb ->
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                        probably caused if folders or song files are deleted, so winamp media library revolts.
                        Meanwhile I reset winamp data in the system app mgmt feature. So winamp is working again for the price of losing created playlists and equalizer settings ..


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                          1.27 stutters when locking the phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus). Looking forward to 1.28 fixed version.


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                            Disappointed in v1.2.8

                            I believe that v1.2.8 does now resume where a song leaves off when stopped but still is not the default player for my Bluetooth car stereo (Sony MEX-BT2600) when I start the music from its controls.

                            As long as we had to wait for this release I thought for sure this issue would have been resolved. So to say the least I'm disappointed. Prior to v1.2.x it worked. Oh well back to v1.1.1 (thanks for keeping this available).

                            My questions are:
                            1. Was this to be resolved with this release?
                            2. Can we have a list of fixes being worked on for 1.2.9 and is this on the list?


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                              good question!

                              i think it would be a really good idea for the devs to list known issues, and also indicate what priority those issues are being worked on, (one assumes all known issues are on the agenda), and what issues are meant to be resolved by what version. all this is done in winamp proper. (what ver history there is, is hard to read on the app)

                              i think users should be allowed to vote on known issues and influence the priority that way as well.
                              PENN STATE Radio or
                              BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
                              Wish #1 = Multiple Column Sorting
                              Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing


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                                Thanks for information