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Winamp Android Feature Request Survey

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  • What I am missing:

    1) sync with Android only albums/artists/folders selected by me manualy on Winamp on PC/Mac
    2) sync onlu to SD card - not the phone's internal memory,


    • 1. File info (MP3-type, byterate)


      • AVS and volume control for Android WinAmp

        I want AVS for Android WinAmp... I'm AVS fun and made some vizs more than 10 years ago. New 1-1.5 GHz ARM processors can successfully support AVS. And graphics coprocessor can be used for fast rendering. It could be great if AVS screen could be shown on Android desktop! And icons on desktop drop shadows to image. Please implement this! This will look amazing. No one other player can have the same. This will make WinAmp Player #1 for Android.

        And I need volume control on Android WinAmp screen. I don't use WinAmp on my Android tablet cause it doesn't have volume control. I use PowerAMP instead. But if WinAmp will have volume control then I'll turn to WinAmp. And may be will buy Pro version.


        • Tags Over Bluetooth

          The standard media player for my Galaxy Note streams tag info to my car stereo when I am connected via bluetooth (The artis name, album name, track# show up on the screen). Winamp is a much better player in almost every way, but the Pro Version (which I have) cannot do this. How difficult a feature is this to add?


          • Before you do anything you should get Sync working correctly. As of right now, for me, it hangs on "connecting" for certain songs/artists. Also, it would be great to be able to sync views and not just playlists.


            • Accentuated letters/Special characters in Playlists

              If Winamp for Android could handle accentuated letters/special characters in Playlists that would be great.

              I mean every time I upload a new track containing accentuated letters (é, á, ë, etc.) to my phone, I have to edit the special characters in the playlist, otherwise they will not be loaded.
              That's pretty annoying, because first I have to create a new playlist with these tracks on my PC, then upload the .M3U to my phone and edit it like this:
              í -> Ă*
              é -> Ă©
              ë -> Ń‘
              á -> á
              ö -> ö
              ő -> Ĺ‘
              ü -> ĂĽ
              ű -> ű
              ó -> Ăł
              ú -> Ăş

              Thanks and keep up the good work!


              • Genre -> Album ?

                Great player so far, well done!

                Would love to see the ability to browse by Genre->Album as an option, rather than just Genre -> Song.

                I usually play my music as albums, and I know you can browse by Album which is great, but it would be really nice to display Albums within a Genre.


                Imagine for a moment that you have 1000 albums on your SD card, and you want play a jazz album but not sure which one or what it's called. Ability to go to Genre then Album would be extremely beneficial in this case. Presently the only way to do it is to scroll down a list of all those 1000 albums in all the Genres.

                Other than that, I really like this player for Android..... I use the pro version on my PC because it can do what I just mentioned above


                • Playcount sync!

                  Nice thread, it's been running since 2010! Impressive.
                  Thanks for the opportunity, let's hope winamp people still read it!

                  On my side, the deal breaker is the playcount sync!

                  Everything else is nice but just bonuses, playcount sync is the main feature that would finally allow me to ditch itunes!

                  I would also add, it would be nice to have a (complete) list of actual features and the ones that are in development.



                  • The nice thing I like about Winamp For Android is I can not only listen to thousands of SHOUTcast stations like my own which I just relaunched & is (Hopefully!) streaming to the world (I say "Hopefully" because I figured out why my computer wasn't being seen (More on that in another post in the appropriate place) & I'm using the SHOUTcast DSP 2.23 in legacy mode but with the SHOUTcast DNAS 1.98 server since it has a GUI whereas 2.0 does not for some strange reason ) but I can also use the SHOUTcast DNAS as a cloud service of sorts to stream other MP3s I may have from my PC to my Android via a non-public listing. All I gotta do now is figure out how to make the URL into a playlist file which Winamp For Android would detect & understand)

                    I say this because WHY store MP3s on the SD card when I can just as easily stream then AND have access to ALL of them instead of just a handful of them (Which is what I would have if I stored them on the SD card) ?? That not only doesn't make sense but is almost INSANE !!!!! It's bad enough I have to store some BLOATED apps there (Don't get me started on that )

                    I'm doing the same thing with Orb Caster, the OrbLive app & my videos (Although my MP3s are there too)

                    Just my $.02 worth.....

                    Pat Cook
                    Englewood, CO


                    • Suggestion: Can you guys include a "Jump to File" button on the Player Window? I listen to very long trance sets which are 2 hours long, usually.

                      And before you suggest that I just split the file myself, I've already thought of that. I'm asking the dev team to see if it's possible to create a solution on THEIR end


                      • Just a suggestion - but one that I think will solve a lot of wifi connectivity and battery issues.
                        Wifi sync option should have an option to manually connect or disconnect (something similar to that of mounting the USB drive).
                        For example, when I am home - my phone is always connected to my computer. Even though I don't use the feature, the fact that my phone is connected drains my battery.

                        Help us build what we feel is the best media playback and management app on Android!

                        I started that to discuss the pros and cons of this method.

                        I feel this is an option that should be given some serious thought for the next release.


                        • Originally Posted by RgnKjnVA View Post
                          I've completed the survey but hoping to get a long-standing question I've had answered here...

                          On the desktop, users are able to 'surf' their ShoutCast Favorites stations with Prev/Next buttons but on Android those buttons are disabled. It's somewhat maddening while driving to have to go through the window-shade method of station selection...and kinda dangerous. Is there a technical reason those buttons are disabled?

                          Enable those Prev/Next buttons and add a lyrics feature and I'm one happy camper!
                          Lots of progress in the app overall (LOVE the EQ) but no sign of my two pet peeves.


                          • Another nice feature would be for Winamp to support notification focus on the ROMs that have that option (For example the million+ CyanogenMods out there),because at the moment the setting doesn't appear to work with this player which is a shame... especially when it also leads to the occasional text or e-mail notification not.. notifying when the user is listening to something.


                            • FEATURE REQUEST:
                              Stream NSV video files, and ability to look through channels.


                              • Originally Posted by Stupifier View Post

                                I would SERIOUSLY love to rate my music on my Phone and have that sync up to ratings on Desktop Winamp. I used to rate my music all the time while walking with my iPod...but since the switchover to Android, my rating project has been halted.

                                about 6400 songs rated so far out of 12000+ song library. Makes me sad when I want to rate but cannot
                                Agree 100%