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Winamp Android Feature Request Survey

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  • I would like to see more hands free controls. I would like to be able to go to next and previous track with choice command. Also play, pause, and enqueue would be good.


    • I would like to have the option to show the artist only for complete albums, means: hiding the artists for compilations. Is that possible?


      • I have the Creative ZEN Touch 2 (GPS). Winamp for Android will download using a PC and USB connection to the Touch 2, but the file does not install - nor earlier version. I love Winamp on my PC and would dearly love to have it on my new Zen. Has anyone gotten this app to work on this device? Will Winamp provide support for the Creative Zen Touch 2?


        • Can you please add a "sort by path and filename" option. I really hate the id3-tag sorting. Songs from the same album isn't located in the same folder. I would really appreciate it!


          • hi,

            I not use often winamp for android because when I typing in the web browser a mp3 file begenning like "http://" (like a shoutcast station), android invite me to choose an application to open with the mp3 file.

            winamp never appear in this list, and the only way to listen theses files is to open winamp, click on winamp logo, click on shoutcast menu, go to the bottom of the page, click on "type manualy url", and type manualy url...

            much, much, mcuh more longer than just type url in web browser and choose one the the apps to open with.

            so, my request is to have winamp in the "app list", when we open a media file by typing an mp3 url in the web browser.

            I hope my english was not too bad

            have a nice day


            • Just thought i'd pop back here...

              No AAC+ support, no install... TuneIn is flying past Winamp on Android...

              Why doesn't Winamp support AAC+ streams??


              • on my phone aac+ streams works on winamp

                but there are aac, aac+ and eaac+ webradios, all notified as aac+ on (I really don't understand why :s )

                so, on my phone, aac+ work, but not aac, I tested 1 or 2 others app (don't easy to find a aac capable one)

                I think todays phones and apps works correctly only with mp3 files. and 96 mp3 is still better than 60 aac+ only the 96 aac is better than the 96 mp3.

                today lot of webradio had a 48 aac+ stream but today only few phones are capable to read it. it's strange because aac+ economic streams are especially designed for phones...


                • Turn off automatic pause

                  I'd like an option to disable the automatic pause when earphones are plugged out.

                  Some devices, when you completely lower the volume with a wire control, detect this as "earphones plugged out" and pause the playback.

                  Thank you


                  • Shoutcast buffer

                    I'd like to be able to increase sound buffer size for shoutcast radio so the sound stream don't get interrupted


                    • Manual playlist advance

                      Please implement a setting for "Manual playlist advance" just like it is in Winamp for Windows.

                      Thank you for "Winamp for Android"


                      • Using a Galaxy Nexus (Android ICS) with a car dock and Winamp Pro.

                        I have a few issues with this.

                        1) The Bluetooth controls on my stereo aren't advancing the song as I would expect (and it does with the default media player on the phone).

                        2) The app doesn't seem to know what car mode is, so where my lock screen on the phone is in landscape, when the Winamp lock screen is enabled, this is fixed to portrait and makes it impossible to control correctly.

                        It would be nice if the Bluetooth controls worked correctly. This did work on my old phone running Gingerbread, but never on this one.
                        The car mode option would be great if detected automatically (and actually existed with Winamp). It would be nice to be able to configure which side the control buttons went on also for left hand or right hand drive car. Just rotating the album art and control buttons would be enough really.


                        • Smart view sync. I have 30 + smart views and I would love to be able to sync them (as playlists) to my phone. Alternatively, supporting dynamic queries on the phone would also work.

                          I would definitely pay money for the above.

                          If you really want to take my money, use google voice recognition to build dynamic queries (smart views) on the fly. E.g. I say "play rock genre from year 1990 to 2000 with a rating greater than 2". I would finally be able to safely use winamp in my car if you guys came up with this.


                          • I'd love to see it send the song info to my car stereo's display via BlueTooth or even 3.5mm if possible.


                            • Feature Request #1: In playing screen, add more useful info in small font just above the seek bar:

                              - index / total, Example: 17/28 means the playing track is the 17th of a total of 28 tracks.

                              - bitrate, encoder. Example: 128kps/mp3

                              Feature Request #2: In playing screen, add song rating
                              No need to do 1-5 stars, may be thumb up, thumb down like the standard Music player in Android 4.11
                              After that the Playlist screen will have a build in playlist name "Favorite" which will contain tracks which have had a rating

                              Feature Request #3: In playing screen, give visual hint of Shuffle/Repeat. However DON'T make them clickable (to avoid chaging them by mistake). If user want to change these options, the user must make an explicit option like current implementation in v1.3.4


                              • The automatic rebuffer of the shoutcast stations. Curently if you want to resume a paused radio you have to re-select it from the station list