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Winamp Android Feature Request Survey

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    simple requests:
    1) Get rid of the "Do you really want to leave Winamp" box

    2) Can you add for the podcasts/speech/Audiobooks the function to restart where last stopped left off? Very important as podcasts can be upto 90mins long or so.

    3) Please add Smart Views if possible, it's one of the best things in Winamp and would be great to have it in here also.

    4) Add "podcasts" as separate to artists/albums etc...


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      Most of the core elements seem to work well - what makes this player beta to me is the lack of features. These are on my list of desired improvements:

      1) Skinning. And not just the ability to skin, some included choices. At least different colors.
      2) If possible, multi-fuction volume rocker support like what has been posted earlier here.
      3) Somewhere to display bit rate information for each song and the ability to see more info about a song in a menu (such as file size, file format, and more tag info).
      4) Ability to switch time display modes on a playing song (time progressed, time remaining, etc.).
      5) Equalizer and visualizations.
      6) When in locked mode, the ability to press and hold next/previous to fast forward/rewind. Additionally, slider seek in locked mode would be nice.
      7) More widget options, including some of these other features.
      8) A touch-screen button to close the app, visible at all times within the app. Also, the ability to turn off the exit dialogue (although do not nix the dialogue entirely).
      9) I'm not sure how the app reacts during a call, but as soon as the phone rings, the player should pause (unless the phone is set in silent mode).

      I'd even pay a few bucks for the app if all these features are put in.


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        Feature request - ability to choose location of music so its not in the root of the sdcard


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          First up, thanks for the Android port. I've really missed Winamp since moving to Linux years ago.

          The only request I have is for shoutcast/icecast support. I have another app I use for my mp3 stream, but it doesn't do my ogg stream and sucks to look at anyway. Please help.

          FWIW... Samsung Moment, Android 2.1 Eclair.


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            Originally Posted by Xadou View Post
            Nice app (:

            The only request i would make is to control the song list with the volume buttons while the mobile is locked. I mean, if you push the + volume button a little, it ups the volume. But if you push it a while, it pass to the next song. That's useful when you use normal headphones without buttons!
            +1 For the track controls with volume up/down. CyanogenMod does this, but it only seems to work for the stock music app.

            If this is not possible, the Music Mod app in the market has this feature: "Double tap trackball while phone is asleep to skip song" so that would be a nice option, too.

            Edit: OMG I just realized this was already a feature. Before I had no idea what "Control headset, Use Winamp to control the headset" meant. You should really improve that description, because it really doesn't explain anything. I'm SOO glad I know what it means though
            It even works with the CM6 music controls on the lockscreen. Couldn't be integrated more seamlessly.

            To really complete the package, it would be nice to have the double tap trackball initiate play/pause. That would really make it an efficient program.
            Last edited by c00ller; 9 November 2010, 23:20. Reason: found that feature already exists, although it was somewhat hidden and unclear


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              Side Volume button long press

              I would really like to see the addition of a function that allowed for the skipping between tracks with the long press of the volume hard keys. while short press still adjusts the media volume.


              Great app. fell in love after first sight


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                I concur with joebloggscity!!!! Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts... a MUST have...


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                  VIDEO podcasts...


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                    I took the survey, but a huge pain in the butt for me is all the album art showing in my gallery.

                    Please make an option for us to choose the name of the album art file. WinAmp is copying all my "folder.jpg" files (which don't show in my gallery), and creating a "folder.jpeg" which does show in my gallery. So now I have about 50 extra folders of album art in my gallery that I don't want there.


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                      I tend to sort and listen to my music by genre more so then artist, album, or playlists. So it would be great if, along with the other buttons on the main screen, you could add one for playback by genre or even multiple genres via check boxes. I love the ability to control the player from the lock screen


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                        I tend to sort and listen to my music by genre more then by artists, playlists or albums.
                        So it would be nice if you could put a button on the main screen along with the other
                        buttons (artists, albums, playlists, etc) that would allow the music to be played by
                        genre or even multiple genres by some type checkbox selection process on the genre list


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                          Stop cluttering my /sdcard root!

                          +1 - absolutely needed!

                          Originally Posted by marvin_rock View Post
                          Forgot to add on my survey

                          3 - the ability to choose where media is synced to on the root of the SD card - currently puts it in root:\<artist> - which makes an ecclectic collection blow up my SD card!


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                            Is the Podcast Sync supposed to be grayed out? I assume it's still in development? Or am I simply doing something wrong?


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                              Originally Posted by ASnet0007 View Post
                              Something that is missing on nearly all other android media apps is 2 way sync of ratings and play count. isyncr(i-tunes) and double-twist are the only apps that do this on android and its something that I would love to tie in my on-the-go music collection with my home collection.

                              Look at how many requests media monkey has had for this option in their wish list forum.

                              Winamp rocks.
                              YES! YES! PLEASE!

                              This feature would enable me to ditch iTunes once and for all. I could finally be completely free from anything that has a fruit on it's label.

                              I also like the idea of using the volume rocker as a song selector once the phone is locked. That'd be pretty cool. That or maybe use the volume rocker for volume if you click once or song forward-reverse if clicked twice. That would still allow the volume rocker to be used for volume but also allow it's secondary use.

                              Another feature that would be download album art.


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                                Features needed: EQ built-in, ability to sync music to the "Music" folder or somewhere else than the root, remote control from the PC