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Winamp Android Feature Request Survey

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    Added this to the request survey, but I'm going to post it here too.

    The one thing that all apps that I've tried that stream Shoutcast stations. Car Mode.

    Big, large buttons that can be linked to stations, just like the presets on your car stereo.
    Gesture support would be nice, but that would still only give, "go to next station", "go to previous station"

    Having your favorite stations in a list is easy to manipulate while sitting around at your desk, but while driving, I'd like to be able to just reach out and know that button #1 will be Groove Salad. No searching, no scrolling through a list, just click and change channel. Exactly like any standard car stereo.

    I figure it would be easy enough to fit 12 large preset buttons on a standard screen or at least 9 on the lower resolution screens.


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      The option "Control headset" already does exactly this. This should be clarified on the settings page.

      Also, I'm not sure this is possible without rooting, but can a play/pause be implemented with a double-click of the trackball?


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        sync music from phone

        I'd like to be able to pick songs on the PC by using the phone and sync the music from the PC to the phone


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          I am ecstatic to see Winamp on the Android platform!


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            Thanks for this awesome app. Please add gapless output support, so that listening to mixed albums is still fun! :-)


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              So, unless I'm missing something here, there's now way to sync up the songs in a Smart View with my Android.

              This is currently available to me in Media Monkey, but not WinAmp.


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                Thanks winamp for this splendid Job. Just to add it on the standby screen while playing. i guess that would be great.


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                  Pause track upon headset removal


                  Not sure if this has already been suggested but I use my android at work a lot. A lot of the time the headset gets unplugged and my heavy metal screams out my phone speaker. Is it possible to have an option "Pause Track if Headset Removed"?

                  Apologies if this has been suggested already, this thread is HUGE!


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                    Visuals!!! Must Have. Even a Live Wallpaper would work. Milkdrop Port.


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                      Nice to see Winamp on Android

                      1) Play AAC+!
                      2) Equaliser!
                      3) Being able to enter manual/custom URL's



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                        As it has been mentioned previously, these are thumbs up for me (all related to Winamp desktop):
                        - Rating sync
                        - Smart view support

                        I would also love to see these:
                        - Last played sync
                        - Party shuffle (esp. on a smart view)

                        Thanks for the progress as of yet. After hearing about the syncing support for Android, I quickly returned to Winamp with success after failure with many other syncing solutions. Bringing some closer library integration between Winamp desktop and the Android app will definitely make Winamp a permanent solution for my media needs.


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                          I would like to see cross-fading added as well. It appears that gapless is there unless I'm insane.

                          Also, bass/treble controls as well as an equalizer with presets.


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                            Originally Posted by bolski View Post
                            I would like to see cross-fading added as well. It appears that gapless is there unless I'm insane.

                            Also, bass/treble controls as well as an equalizer with presets.
                            Seems I was mistaken. There is no gapless playback, so I definitely want that in addition to the cross-fading and equalizer and bass/treble controls.

                            Also, easier way to create and edit playlists would be nice too, but I'll take gapless playback first over all the rest!

                            Keep up the great work!


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                              Would love for it to sync playlists. Currently it only syncs the tracks of the playlists but not the playlists themselves.


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                                Feature Request

                                1) Ability to sync over Ad-Hoc - Android to Android or Android to PC
                                • It appears that from the current version of the app, the only way to get WinAmp to sync wirelessly, is to select a wifi network from the Settings screen. If you are running a Wireless Tether or Barnicle, you are technically on a network albeit an adhoc network being managed by the phone itself. WinAmp PC and WinAmp Android are not able to find one another to sync.

                                2) Ability to sync over BlueTooth - Android to Android or Android to PC

                                3) Simplified interface for car use - Combine the already suggested gesture control and full screen cover art with larger text and larger buttons to bring up control panels that also have larger buttons.

                                So far this WinAmp for Adnroid looks good. It gives me yet another reason to free myself from the shackles of the "red fruit with a bite taken out of it!"