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Winamp Android Feature Request Survey

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    i think the ability to choose a song and "scroll" through it with the ability to create ringtones from like 1-15 seconds would defiantly be one thing to make it an ultimate mobile music player
    or atleast make a way for winamp to make ringtones and sync them to your phone


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      This thread is great!

      I'd like to see the ability to edit track information, same as the PC version of Winamp.
      and hope this'll be possible soon


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        I love Winamp and when I've heard it's available on Android, I've almost started to celebrate. I've installed it, but when I realized that it has only the Artist, Album, Songs Playlist, SHOUTcast and Search selections, what are really cool, I've un-installed it rightaway.

        I 'm not sure if I've missed it, but somehow I haven't been able to find the "Play Folder" feature... You know, you copy & paste some folders to the SD card with files alphabetically or numerically organized. than choose a folder and a file in it and it plays it one after another in order as organized...

        I have got an 16 GB Sony Walkman mp3 player (NWZ-E345), and it has this 'Play Folder" feature, works awesome and I love it

        Would it be possible to implement this quick and easy to use feature?

        Just in case it's there, hidden somewhere, please ignore my comments and let me know where and how to use it...



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          is there a way we could get a winamp for iphone? I use winamp since 98 or 99 and i know there will be alot of people very happy having the winamp on the iphone.


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            Will be the best player on the Market with some minor features added...

            What a great job for a Beta! Here's some things to push it over the top:

            Must Haves:
            1. Tag viewer and Year. Editor would be nice.
            2. Star Ratings.
            3. Display album art in background of Album Track List screen.
            4. Increase Album Art size on the Play Queue screen. Too much dead space.

            1. Have Notification Bar flash the track and artist when song changes.
            2. Recently Added playlist "Edit Set Time" could be easier to change/find.
            3. Widget touch should launch app, not just bolt.
            4. Setting to choose Music folder(s).
            5. Time Display Mode changes.
            6. Lockscreen widget to allow seek forward/backward (not just skip).
            7. Equalizer
            8. Genre Screen

            Major Pros (Don't change these!):
            1. Best UI available. Great colors and buttons, well thougth out. I shouldn't have to use the physical phone buttons to go back and forth in a music app, Winamp does this very well.
            2. FlickUp/FlickDown is the best feature in a music app yet.
            3. WiFi Sync!
            4. Recently Added playlist is great

            Keep up the good work!


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              Probably not until there's a Mac version of Winamp that supports device syncing. I'm pretty sure the last version of MacAMP is over 12 years old.


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                I wold like to see SRS WOW HD and Dolby sound support for new HTC phones like Desire HD.


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                  Sigh.. To the person that complained about winamp starting up upon boot, get the program Autostarts and disable all the programs that startup which don't show up on most task managers.

                  Anyways, onto the things I would love to see on the Android Winamp would definitely be an alternative to the winamp lockscreen which would be integrated with the Android/Sense/Samsung lockscreens. A user actually posted a screenshot of something that looked brilliant a couple of posts back on the Galaxy S lockscreen. Furthermore, it would be brilliant to have ID3v1 modification as well as Album Art fetching.

                  Overall that really sums it up for me since this Winamp app is extremely nice to use ignoring the lack of skins/customization options.


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                    maybe i'm a dunce and others know how, but if "Album Artist" support is still missing (its not working for me, certainly not automatically) then that should be the number one priority imo.

                    number 2 is getting shoutcast back and working on all devices.
                    PENN STATE Radio or
                    BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
                    Wish #1 = Multiple Column Sorting
                    Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing


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                      mute button on the lock screen will b awesome...


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                        also winamp should ask which folders should it scan..


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                          I would vote for three things:

                          1. Option for tabbed browsing like the default player. It's so much nicer.

                          2. Equalizer (but I'm sure it's coming).

                          3. Option for browsing by artist or album once in the genres section. I hate choosing "techno" and having hundreds of songs not grouped by artist or album.

                          That's about it honestly. I don't really use it for much else besides listening to my own music.


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                            Thank you so much for this app! I am now completely 100% iTunes free. I would like to see the following:

                            1. Smart View-equivalent playlist.
                            2. Ability to browse/play my PC's WinAmp library from my Droid
                            3. Ability to copy music from my PC's WinAmp library to my Droid
                            4. Make use of Album Artist


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                              as per MrSinatra's post; having embedded art not showing on android is seriously frustrating, i mean, it's embedded!?


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                                I would like to see the albums of each artist sorted by year not alphabetically.
                                Makes more sense to me, at least as an option.