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  • Originally Posted by joebloggscity View Post
    simple requests:
    1) Get rid of the "Do you really want to leave Winamp" box

    2) Can you add for the podcasts/speech/Audiobooks the function to restart where last stopped left off? Very important as podcasts can be upto 90mins long or so.

    3) Please add Smart Views if possible, it's one of the best things in Winamp and would be great to have it in here also.

    4) Add "podcasts" as separate to artists/albums etc...
    number 2 and 4 for me, very important. because of this, i have to use a different program for podcasts, and i would really like to use winamp for all


    • Different volume levels per output device

      I often listen to music using headphones when at my desk, When I get into my car my phone automatically connects with my car stereo (over bluetooth). When playing over bluetooth, I like the phone's volume to be at its maximum level, but with my earphones on max volume gives me ear damage, so I turn it down a lot. Now every time I get in the car -after listening in the office, i.e. every day- I first have to change the volume. And every morning after getting into the office I have to remember to turn the volume way down before putting on my headphones to avoid ear damage.

      Please can you make 2 different media volume levels: one used when headphones are connected and one when playing over bluetooth? Even better, having a separate volume level for each bluetooth device would be ultimate: my car stereo is often crancked up a lot more than my bluetooth headset, but both connect over BT. So having different volume levels for each device would be great, but since I've got the car stereo I hardly use the BT headphones any more. i.e. "a separate control for all BT devices" is more an additional request.You could probably also add another volume level control for when playing over the phone's speaker. But that one is optional too as far as I'm concerned (Actually, I think this one could be the default 'media volume').

      And, on a final note, I love the feature that playback stops automatically when a device disconnects, so thanks for that!
      Last edited by rrozema; 19 May 2011, 05:01. Reason: added thanks for auto pause on disconnect.


      • Handling of Album Artist and compilation tags

        One feature which I think would greatly improve the android version of winamp would be better handling of mp3's which contain album artist and compilation information.

        There are many collaboration albums and tracks and simply looking at the artist information leads to making it difficult to find the album or artist you are looking for. E.g. artist one collaborates with artist two on a song and the artist is referred to as "artist 1 & artist 2." In these cases album artist is perfect for seeing who really is responsible for the album. Another example of this is DJ albums where many tracks have been mixed by a single DJ.

        iTunes handles this well and it is my hope that winamp for android will too?



        • changing the 'artist' tab to actually sort by 'album artist'


          • What I would like to see:

            I would like to see the following working on my Android 2.1 phone:

            * ShoutCast Radio (TuneWiki has it working, why not you?)
            * Flawless WIFI sync (it makes my desktop winamp freeze up)
            * DLNA Server (So that i can share my phones media on my network, like with DoubleTwist)
            * The ability to rate whats playing with stars
            * Make the home screen fit in one picture, because now the 'search' and 'free music' buttons only show like 70 %, and thats ugly. I have a Samsung Galaxy Spica (i5700).



            • I am a little surprised by what people are requesting… Bigger More Better…
              This is an application for a small device. What do I want?
              Screen real-estate is at a premium, so give me a smaller widget
              A 1x1 Start stop widget. Just play whatever playlist is currently configured and be able to have a 1x1 widget that goes from a play button to a pause button and nothing else.


              • I would like to see USB DAC support on Android 3.1


                • Restart where left off.

                  For MP3s tagged as podcasts/speeches they are usually 60-90mins long and the problem is that you can't always listen to them all the way through.

                  Can you add an option that the player will restart that MP3 where you last left off even if you play something else in between? This is done in Winamp using the "History" plug-in.

                  That would be perfect.


                  • A simple way to switch from song/artist/album modes.

                    Explanation: A lot of the time I have winamp in song mode with random on. This way I listen to my entire library of songs on random. I will then hear a song from an album I have not heard for a while and decide I want to listen to just the album. To do this I have to exit to the selection screen, choose album, then search through my entire library for that album, then select a track from the album to start listening to it, stopping what I was currently listening to.
                    It would be great if whilst listening to a track, if I go to the selection screen and choose album the mode would change to so I would then be listening to just that album. Similar if I selected artist from the selection screen.

                    Thanks for listening


                    • I don't know whether this has been mentioned, but there are 2 things that I'd really like to see:

                      1. Support for ratings and the ability to sync ratings between the Android app and the desktop program.
                      2. A smart playlist for "Top Rated" songs, similar to the one that the desktop program currently has.

                      These two features would make Winamp the perfect music player as far as I'm concerned. Thanks!


                      • Someone must've mentioned this already but will we get skins? Or at least a few color choices for the UI? Not too important but especially on Android I get sick of seeing so much BLACK.


                        • ml_wifi plugin


                          I'm want to submit a change request on the Wifi plugin in Winamp, I hope I'm in the good thread
                          I wanted to ask you if it's possible to change the HTTP version in the requests made from this plugin to the Winamp Android application.
                          I got some problems when I send a soundtrack to my Android device through a proxy, because the POST request seems to not be compliant with the Http RFCs.

                          I read the Http header Expect only exists since HTTP 1.1. My proxy rejects this type of request because it expect a HTTP 1.1 version instead of HTTP 1.0.

                          Do you think you could eventually add this change it future releases ?

                          Best regards


                          • Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, but I'm using Winamp on pc for nearly 10 years, and now on my Andriod powered Xperia x10i.
                            First of all, let me express my respect to all you guys at the Winamp team. You created a player that rocks for more than 10 years. I have a few ideas on how to improve the Android player.
                            -First of all: a little more volume should be useful:-)
                            -Secondly: on the lockscreen widget I would appreciate the shuffle and repeat controls.
                            -I've noticed that Winamp can be controlled using headset buttons, but only for pause and resume play is available. I would be happy if I could customize the behavior of this feature. For example: two short presses junps to the next track, one long and one short jumps to the previous, and so on. I don't know if it can be implemented, or the phone's software supports it, but it would be extremely useful for example when someone's biking and there's no time to take out the phone from the pocket, and switch forward or back.
                            -Finally... I've noticed that the player not really cares about folders. That's sad, because I have tp create a new playlist evetrytime I load some new tracks on my phone from different artists. So if the player would have the feature to play the current folder's content, that would ve extremely good.

                            Regards and best wishes: Tamás from Hungary


                            • please make there be a way to have tracks on an album listed by track# instead of alphabetically.

                              for example, When i click on Opeth's Blackwater Park album i want it to play the way it should, from the track 01- The Leper Affinity to track 10- Patterns in the Ivy II, not from track 08 Blackwater Park to track 09 Still day beneath the sun.

                              I think that the order of the songs on an album is often a very important thing that the artist put a lot of thought into, and not being able to listen to the album in that order doesnt giive you the whole experience of the album. Especially if its like, a themed album like... Damnation and a Day for example.


                              • I would like the ability to play a local network stream & local radio stations.
                                Winamp has the ability to play URL's so why not incorporate that into the App? I tune in regularly to amateur DJ's who aren't listed in your radio station list. Adding the option of local radio stations would make Winamp the ULTIMATE music app! I'd love one quality app that does it all.