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  • Shoutcast support?

    First of all, thank you nullsoft for giving Android a solid music player

    Now that's taken care of, I'd like to see Shoutcast support in Winamp for Android.
    It's a feature I really like in the desktop version of Winamp and I would love to see it on my phone without buggy and performance hungry apps.

    Using the built-in browser to open links to streams would be fine to begin with, but a native stream browser would definitely be preferable.

    That's all for now, I'd like to wish nullsoft the best of luck in making this the best mobile music player ever!

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    until that is available you can use xiialive for shoutcast. it works perfect on my phone(epic 3g).


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      OP +1
      I would also love to see shoutcast support on the app.


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        Shoutcast Support

        I too would like to see Shoutcast support on the Android winamp. I actually got very excited about the Android app, installed it, only to find out there was no streaming part. I was terribly disappointed about that part, but very impressed with the rest. It would seem to me that Shoutcast Streaming Support would be very easy to add ... afterall there are lots of apps out there that do.


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          you have to remember that as this is the first version of the app and so not everything it will support has been implemented and i'm sure that requests are being monitored and will be implemented depending on ease of implementation and relevance (remember the dev team is small and there's the main client to also support as well). so a little patience would be a good thing

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            Shoutcast support would be nice and all, but for the time being doesn't everyone think it would be best for them to get USABLE synchronization working?


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              I just tried to tell nullsoft what I'd like to see in Winamp for Android, not complain about support not being there in the first alpha.

              This is a bit tricky since I'm not drying to downplay the importance of shoutcast support, yet I don't want to end up with a thread full of "fix feature X first because it's more important". Sure, quality is important, and I'm all for fixing bugs before adding new features, but then again you can't silence yourself from feature suggestions because of that. If we all kept quiet until all bugs are fixed then development might take even longer.

              In fact, in my experience it's better for the code if you start implementing as many features as possible right from the start:

              Let's say you write code to do X and Y together.
              Now you want to add support for Z, which works essentially the same way as Y.
              Then you can either adapt Y to support the functionality of Z, or you can build Z from scratch.
              Since it's less work to adapt Y to support the functionality of Z, you do it that way.

              Now somebody else wants you to implement feature A, which he thinks is really important.
              I turns out the way feature A would work isn't very different from the way Z would have worked, but feature Z is now a part of Y which is very different from feature A.
              Now you can either separate out Z from Y (reverse the merge, takes time and usually introduces new bugs), write A from scratch (do the work of Y all over again, might reintroduce old bugs) or don't implement A at all.

              Of course, if you knew somebody wanted feature A then you would had written Z to be stand alone and adapted Y to make use of Z instead.

              This might not exactly be the best example since the code appears to be very small and simple, but I hope you get the general idea. I also don't say this is how professionals tackle these issues, since after all I'm still a student, but it might be worth thinking about. Bug reports are still very important though, don't stop doing that because of this.

              I know this post got a bit lengthy, but I felt it was important to get this out there.

              Please keep in mind I'm not trying to offend anyone and if I did so I'm deeply sorry.
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