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Selective Sync and Combined Play Count

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  • Selective Sync and Combined Play Count

    Any plan on adding selective sync for Android? The music player is a step up from the default Android player, but what is really needed is some type of iTunes like sync. Whether it is checked by song or album - most people will not be able to sync their whole library.

    Also would be nice to see combined play count - one that totals both Android plays and desktop plays.

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    Completely agree with this. I can't see how this isn't an option, and is why I haven't been using Winamp for syncing up to this point.


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      i agree to, i requested this in the wishlist below:
      Do you have a great idea about Winamp? Let us know and maybe your features will be in the next release!

      This is a something that would be good, having a check box column in the smart view and we can then tick for which albums we want synced over (or not).


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        A check box column for albums, artists, playlists, etc, that's precisely what needs to happen.