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Random start of music playback, and other issues.

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  • Random start of music playback, and other issues.

    This is my list of issues and comments about Winamp for Android.
    My phone is a Moto Milestone, running Android 2.1 Update 1 (stock, as released by Motorola). I do NOT run a taskkiller.

    I will start with I really like Winamp for Android… It looks great, and I like the layout and navigation.

    But I have a few issues with it, one of which has forced me to uninstall Winamp. The others are just annoyances.

    Showstopper bug: Random start of music playback. After using Winamp, I will pause the music. Later, either while using the phone or not, Winamp will unpause and continue playing the last track. In the UI, the play button looks like it should be paused… so I have to push it twice to pause the song. I had a similar problem with another music player in the past, and the dev collected some logs from my phone and was able to fix it. That player now never exhibits this issue.

    Minor issues:
    • Should have a user selectable music folder. I know it has been mentioned, but when I shuffle all, I don’t want my voice recordings included (which is what happens now).

    Sync Issues:
    Sync with Winamp desktop is awesome. Took me awhile to get it working, mostly because I didn’t realize you needed to use the Desktop beta version too! (Duh)
    • From the Desktop, DEL doesn’t allow you to delete from the phone. The messages indicate that it will work, but nothing is deleted.
    • Music folder… Instead of root of SD card, music should go into the music folder indicated on the phone.
    • Album art. In winamp, I can set the album art, but it doesn’t transfer to the phone. If I manually imbed that album art in the MP3 (outside of winamp), then it works fine.

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