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HELP: It's syncing ALL TRACKS!

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  • HELP: It's syncing ALL TRACKS!

    For some reason, Winamp seems to think I want my ENTIRE music library on my Droid X.

    How do I un-sync tracks or otherwise remove them from my phone?

    I have deleted all music from my phone but Winamp still adds then entire libray to the "Transfers" list every time I sync. It's very frustrating and has prevented me from using the software further.

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    Go to Winamp -> Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Portables -> (device/drive) -> Sync tab
    and uncheck "Update all songs from my Local Media Library"

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      Tried that. Also tried "all except"... neither prevent the entire library from syncing.


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        Hmm, what method are you using? Wifi or USB?
        Is anything checked in that dialog? (any playlists etc)

        What files do you want to sync?

        If just a few, then maybe it'd be easier to just select them in the playlist or ML
        and use "right-click -> Send To -> Android Drive X" instead.

        The sync method is mainly for sync'ing full playlists
        or all/some of the entire library, depending on the query used
        (default: "type=0" would be for sync'ing all audio files in the library).

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          Wifi specifically. Frankly, if wifi works this good, USB is dead to me.

          For the sake of problem solving, I'm just syncing music. I'll get to podcasts later.

          I have used the Send To function too. However, I still can't get Winamp to stop syncing everything no matter what I try. Whenever it gets in range, it starts the transfer... all 9,000 files. I'm not sure how to get Winamp to stop that other than to close it. There's no way to say "Reset the sync To Do list for this device" ... or something like that. Or even a "Reset Sync for this device" with an option to remove all files prior to the re-sync.

          Winamp is known for being sexy software so I'm sure this will get cleared up soon enough.


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            I had that problem before. I right-clicked the device and went to preferences. When that opened, I unchecked the "Library" sync, like mentioned before. Actually, I have now changed it to sync all tracks rated 4 or higher and that works fine, except for embedded album art, but that is another thread.