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  • Extremely Slow Sync

    I have searched on these forums but have only discovered one other person who has expressed that syncing to their phone is extremely slow (and that was several months back). I have a Dinc and I'm syncing ~450 songs to my phone from Winamp. It is taking 60-90 minutes. This seems outlandishly long to me. If this is consistent, I'm afraid it'll be a deal-breaker for me. Are there any settings I can check/change or diagnostic tools I can use to try to discover the source of my problem.

    For what it's worth, the delay doesn't seem to be the transfer itself (~5 seconds), but there appears to be a lag between the finishing of one song (Done) and the starting of the next transfer (where it says Starting Transfer). This lag is about 15 seconds.

    I am running Winamp 5.601 on Vista w/ quad-core 2 machine with 6 GB of RAM.

    I'm also wondering if subsequent syncs include only changes to my playlists or if it syncs ALL songs again. I certainly can't wait like this every time.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Slow Transfer on EVO

    I am also experiencing extremely slow USB transfer rate on my htc EVO. I am trying to transfer my library (approx. 4200 songs) to a 32GB microSD in my evo, but I am seeing a transfer time from 280 mins (I hope it's mins) to over 1000 mins (I REALLY hope it's mins). Is this typical? I would have thought that transfer by USB would be much faster than this. I agree with the OP that the transfer itself doesn't seem to be the problem, but rather there seems to be a large delay between transferring songs. Is there some setting that needs to be adjusted?

    Phone is htc EVO running Android 2.2; computer is Dell vostro 1510 Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM running Vista vista home basic. Winamp version 5.6, Winamp for Android version 0.9.2. Please help.


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      USB sync is also painfully slow for me on my X10a Android 2.1. The problem is the same as the OP with the delay in between Done and the next transfer.

      The problem, as I have confirmed, is related to the album art. If the songs have no art then it will sync perfectly fast, but if there is art, and in my case a single .jpg in the album folder, it will have the huge delay which I assume has to do with trying to embed the art into the song or something.

      Winamp Team, please provide us with a fix for this problem. I would prefer not having to delete all my album art or to manually embed all my songs with art.

      Edit: At least WIFI Sync doesn't suffer from this problem. Winamp Team, can you update the pmp_usb to work the same as the pmp_wifi?


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        I have the same problem with my Nexus One. Fast transfer but has a 10 sec. delay between song transfers.

        This is regardless if my Nexus in Connected via USB or I have the SD Card in my Laptop's card reader.

        Please fix this, as Winamp is the best program to manage my music collection!



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          Got the same problem here with a HTC desire.

          Extremely slow sync via USB. The actual transfer is fast but then it sits there on "Done" for a number of seconds, sometimes longer, before moving on to the next song. Sometimes, rarely, it will transfer a number of songs quickly but then go slow again.

          I can sync songs via Windows Media Player very fast and also transfer large files via copy/paste in Windows with no issues so this does look like a Winamp issue - how can it be fixed/resolved? (running latest 5.61)



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            Resurrecting an old thread in hopes of a Winamp dev seeing it and maybe helping get this fixed. Recently upgraded my X10 to android 2.3.3 with the most recent Winamp 5.621 and this issue still persists.


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              I'm having this problem as well, on my HTC Incredible 2 running Cyanogenmod 7. Any updates on it would be appreciated.


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                Hate to just add to the pile, but...

                I'm having the exact same problem while synchronizing either my HTC Inspire 4G (Desire HD) or my Sony PSP 1001 (fat). As soullesssoldier said, it seems to have everything to do with whether there is album art for the album or not. Again, just a "Folder.jpg" in the folder will really make it take a long time.

                Winamp Devs, please look into this issue!

                The only aftermarket plugin I have installed is Lyrik, and I'm running Winamp v5.621 (x86) from Jul 11, 2011 on an HP EliteBook with Windows 7 Professional.


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                  Just confirmed, the problem is the album art. Halfway through a slow-as-molasses album transfer, I moved the "Folder.jpg" from inside the album folder to one level above in the hierarchy. All of a sudden, it took off. By the time I finish this post, it'll - ... nevermind. Just finished.


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                    Wow, this bug is still in here? I ditched winamp for syncing around 4 months ago, figured it'd be sorted in a later release. This has got to be a quick and easy paper cut to fix? o_O


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                      I have an HTC Desire running Oxygen 2.3 (Android 2.3.7) which exhibits the same symptoms as the OP's phone. The same was true with stock Android 2.2 as well as Android 2.3.4 and 2.3.5 on Oxygen.

                      I confirm that removing the folder.jpg file from the source folder (on disk) that the files are being transferred from immediately resolves this slow sync problem - the obvious side effect is that transferred tracks are devoid of their artwork.

                      This would be a great thing to fix!


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                        I would like to bump this thread, because I just got winamp and this process is taking entirely too long. To sync 619 songs it telling me its going to take 162 minutes! This seems like a bit much especially for the amount of time it takes for it to start syncing the next song...


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                          are you using a usb 1.1 or 2 connection?

                          if you are using a 1.1 it will take quite a while


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                            yup same here
                            fix this and ill buy the pro version ONLY for the synching
                            yeah its that big of a deal for most of us


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                              Slow sync

                              Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I am syncing 435 songs and it says it will take 460 min. I have a 16GB class 10 micro sd card in my droid incredible.