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Winamp Android - Play Folder Feature

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  • Winamp Android - Play Folder Feature


    I love Winamp and when I've heard it's available on Android, I've almost started to celebrate. I've installed it, but when I realized that it has only the Artist, Album, Songs Playlist, SHOUTcast and Search selections, what are really cool, I've un-installed it rightaway.

    I'm not sure if I'm a UOSG (Ultra Old School Guy), but me and most of my friends have their mp3's alphabetically or numerically (NOT by time and date!!!) organized in folders and than they just copy and paste a folder directly to the SD card and done.
    No creating playlists, editing tags or playing around with some other software required!!!

    This makes sense to me, because it's quick, easy and simple, and it makes no difference what PC OS am I using (Window, Mac ox Linux).

    I 'm not sure if I've missed it, but somehow I haven't been able to find this "Play Folder" feature...

    You know the one where you only copy & paste some folders to the SD card with files alphabetically or numerically organized, than choose a folder and a file in it and it plays it one after another in order as organized...

    I have got an 16 GB Sony Walkman mp3 player (NWZ-E345), and it has this 'Play Folder" feature, works awesome and I love it

    Would it be possible to implement this quick and easy to use feature?

    Just in case it's there, hidden somewhere, please ignore my comments and let me know where and how to use it...


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    I vote for that feature, I think is essential for many users that copy and paste music without id3 tags. For example, I download podcasts from my public radio broadcast service and It doesn't have any tag for that reason It's very tedious find the file to play.

    Regards and thanks for this app.


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      FWIW, That's how I make MP3 CDs that I use in the car. I just make up the folders on the PC, then burn a CD with the same Folder structure (alphabetically) so I can remember where things are.

      I still make playlists in each folder, so I can use the same things on different devices, but not with Winamp for Android, yet?

      It appears that the Winamp for Android app is still very much a beta poduct.


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        I won't use winamp as a player unless it supports folder navigation, and I know plenty of people who catalog music in folders just like me. What's up with this trend of appleizing everything?


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          I totally agree with you. Why can't we have a feature to organise our music via folders?


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            It is really a pain to play music from a folder with different singles (different artists/songs/albums in one folder).


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              COunt ++

              Even I downloaded the winamp thinking the same thing.. It sucks how ppl just follow the itunes features..

              I took to Android to avoid the Apple non-sense and finally find the same thing in Android too.. Please please enable folder play back.. I am sure it is easy and simple for a player which can do much more..


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                Mortplayer for Old schoold guys

                Mortplayer is the solution guys..

                WINAMP is late and is stop licking Apple's A$$


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                  I am using Power AMP and seems to work, I'll try that Mortplayer


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                    I sent an email to WinAmp explaining that I was considering buying the Pro version. I asked these questions:
                    - - - - - - - -

                    MY KEY QUESTIONS:
                    * Can WinAmp Pro display the file dates in its folder display?
                    * Whether or not the date is displayed, can the files in the folder be sorted on file date ascending and descending?

                    FURTHER QUESTIONS:
                    * Can files be deleted using the folder display?
                    * Can files be renamed using the folder display?
                    * Can files be copied, pasted and moved using the folder display?

                    (As you can see, I am very much trained as a Windows user. I use Media Monkey for audio files because of the control it gives in sorting the display, and I avoid iTunes and playlists like the plague.)
                    - - - - - - - -

                    I received an automated response referring me to FAQ and this forum, and saying:

                    "Thanks for downloading the Winamp for Android app! We love reading comments and yes, we read them all! We cannot reply to everyone but here is a way to help us make updates, changes and fixes."
                    - - - - - - - -

                    So I have two recommendations to WinAmp, who have now lost my business:
                    1. Look after your potential customers, and don't present yourselves as so superior that you don't have to answer their pre-sale questions.
                    2. Accommodate people who want to work their audio files from a Windows-Explorer-type file display, rather than from the confusion of iTunes and playlists. This forum clearly answers my questions in the negative.


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                      I have just now received a very courteous email reply, so I withdraw my first remark and criticism unreservedly.

                      The email confirms that at this stage of development there is no way either to sort by filedate or view the filedate. Hopefully future developments will pay attention to that aspect of the UI.


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                        I love Winamp, but I can't use it on my android without a PlayFolder feature


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                          Has this ever been implemented? Or even the ability to point it to which folders to scan like on the desktop version. Why are they calling it WinAmp if it's nothing like the WinAmp we know?


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                            MortPlayer: it really whips the llama's ass.

                            Thank you kingofudupi for the MortPlayer suggestion! I installed winamp on my phone solely because I thought it would have this feature. On my computer I just right click the folder and hit play in winamp - seems like a simple concept.