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Winamp does not support SD card on Samsung Galaxy S

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    March 2013.... and still no change.

    Basically, wifi transfer is useless on my Galaxy S3 since it can only access the phone storage, not the SD storage.


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      I did everything as eltutorial to set my radio but I can not find on the Internet.


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        September 2013 and this still seems to be in the same state. Or has anyone found a solution?

        It would be very convenient for me to be able to use Wi-Fi to sync with my Samsung Galaxy S4's 64GB SD card, rather that the 9GB of internal memory I also am now forced to store all of my applications (w/o rooting).

        The workaround appears to be to use the USB connection, but this is problematic for me. Once I load all the songs to my device, future syncs take hours as the "Card" device doesn't appear in Winamp's devices list for a very long time. I am guessing it gets hung up because it is reading through all of the song data on the card. Oddly enough if I use the Wi-Fi feature it is instantly aware of what songs are on the device's SD card.

        Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems trivial to me to enhance Winamp by allowing the user to specify what path to sync to on the device. Maybe this could be placed in an "Advanced" tab under the device's properties.


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          wifi will only sync to default storage on any device running android 3 or higher
          as the default store is internal memory
          there is no real work around with wifi
          the only way to get files to store on external drive is to sync with the usb cable the phone came with
          or move the files from internal to external
          after you sync through wifi
          thanks rob
          (c)rob 2013 (picture & SN)

          (please note) As users we can't give others help unless we get full details of the problem that you are having


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            As a follow-up I have abandoned using Winamp's Android sync altogether and have written my own PC software for syncing which utilizes the WiFi File Transfer Android application for data transmission. I was having many frustrations trying to sync via a USB cable and MTP on Windows Vista; it was a very unreliable connection.

            Sometimes you just have to do things yourself :-(

            Still use Winamp to play music on my PC and Galaxy S4 though! Best media player for FLAC I've found!


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              So annoying... please fix!


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                I have a cheap Samsung A tablet. Just reverted (installed) Winamp for Android. Winamp instantly read (populared) all my 1,403 MP3 music files and is playing them fine. But it gives me 'SD card error' instantly when I hit the Genre scan icon.

                Anyone have a clue why? 90+% of my MP3 files have the genre entered in 'Property/Details'.