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Album Art problem with FLAC - bug reports

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  • Album Art problem with FLAC - bug reports

    Normally when I sync my winamp with my Android (HTC Desire HD on froyo), the album arts for files like mp3 or wav are automatically sync along with the files. Each of my album art is stored as "folder.jpg" in the same directory as the song. However, for FLAC files (which is already embeded with the album art in the file) don't automatically import the album art. Whether it's embeded one or "folder.jpg" one doesn't work. For now, I can use the album art downloader apps to fix this problem. However, it'd be great if Winamp automatically do this for us. Thanks!

    ps. This is really my favorite app in android! Keep up the good work!

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    I have similar problem here. When I upload FLAC files to my mp3 player (doesn't matter whether I use sync feature or upload them manually) the album art is lost. If the track has replay gain info calculated, it is lost after uploading as well. I have creative zen mp3 player, so obviously this is not just android issue but a general problem with portable devices. I hope you can fix this soon and wish you good luck.