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Android transfer bug ("connecting")

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  • Android transfer bug ("connecting")

    I have come across a bug while transferring via wifi to my android device where some files will forever show as "connecting", and never actually transfer to my device.

    Most of my music transfers with no problems.

    I have searched around on the forums and Google, and have found only a handful of people with the same issue, but their fixes have not worked for me.
    Suggested fixes include:
    Ensuring that specific characters are not in any of the file meta data ( : and foreign characters specifically)
    Restarting Winamp on the PC and Android device
    Disabling all other network devices on the PC

    The tracks I am having trouble with have no foreign characters in the meta data (and no punctuation either)
    for example:
    Track#: 3
    Title: Feel Good Inc
    Artist: Gorillaz
    Album: Demon Days

    I am running Winamp 5.621 on Win 7 Pro x64
    Samsung Galaxy S2

    Any help would be greatly apreciated!

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    I have the same problem. Annoying. In one case replacing a comma in the album title with a hyphen solved the transfer problem. But then other songs in albums from the same box set with commas in their album names transferred fine.