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winamp + android - so sad to see so much fail

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  • winamp + android - so sad to see so much fail

    These are the key fails I have come across so far:

    1) Wireless sync removes the capability to USB sync. Only successful solutions: Remove all wireless libraries. In other words, one or the other but not both. Sometimes users would like a faster option than what wireless offers, but would also like to use wireless for smaller updates. Fail.

    2) If one file has punctuation or any special or international characters in the metadata or filename, that file will fail on sync. Including the oh-so-common ampersand. Fail.

    3) If one file fails, the playlists this file is associated with will also fail, so this playlist will not sync to your device. Fail.

    4) If one playlist fails, all playlists will fail (playlist sync hangs indefinitely), so no playlists will sync to your device. Fail.

    5) When any sync fail occurs, there is no cancel option. The only solution is to terminate the winamp process. Fail.

    6) Device detection is hit and miss. More often than not, I have to un-tick then re-tick 'enable wireless sync' on my devices, then select 'discover' on the pc winamp instance to force detection. This almost defeats the purpose of wireless syncing. Fail.

    All these symptoms can be reproduced on 4 different PC's and 2 laptops (Win XP and Win7 - no Vista), and with the Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab 7"/10.1", Galaxy S, Nexus One, HTC Desire and HTC Wildfire ranging from Android 2.1 to 2.3.3, running native, HTC Sence and Cyanogen mod.

    I was so excited about the idea of updating a playlist on my pc and then all my devices would silently update themselves wirelessly! What a concept! Except it has not worked once across 5 pc's and 6 android devices.

    I have only ever had mixed success syncing one playlist at a time, deleting files winamp cant sync due to poor metadata and filename parsing, and even then success is not guaranteed. (This is not an android issue as these 'offending' files when copied manually, work fine).

    If there is someone here who can shed any light on any of these issues, please let me know, otherwise my advice to anyone who reads this, turn and run! It isn't worth the frustration! Mange your tunes manually or use another tool.

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    I can attest to all of the above issues on my Nexus S running Winamp for Android 1.1.1, and Winamp 5.621 on my desktop. Please, Winamp team, focus on fixing these, because I suspect they're losing you some users. It would really be appreciated to have a major advertised feature work without the slightest hiccup tripping it up completely. I realize that this is a free product (unless one is running Pro), and thus we can't ask too much of you, but those of us that have built our music libraries in Winamp are depending on you to complement it on the Android side. Thanks.


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      I should also mention that if anyone on the Winamp team needs any log/dump files to help with any of this, I'd be glad to help (although I suspect these are near-universal bugs).


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        My biggest complaints:

        1) Album art is removed when an mp3 is transferred from my PC to my phone.

        2) No option to set default action when a song is selected to enqueue that song rather than play it.

        3) No "jump to file" capability. One of the biggest benefits of winamp that sets it above other media players, and they left it out of the android version? Shaking my head in disbelief...


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          Same here


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            HTC Sensation rooted to a HTC Sensation XE.

            Downloaded Winamp from appstore, same network, enabled wi-fi sync, tried USB as well.
            Downloaded Winamp from internet on Laptop with Wired and Wireless turned off.

            Didn't work, did everything asked.

            Tried about 3 apps tonight that require syncing with desktop and all worked instantly. Winamp didn't and wasted about an hour of tonight.


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              Has there been any progress made on any of the fails listed in the OP? I agree that some of these should be simple enough to overcome and would make a world of difference.

              If nothing else.... bump


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                I'm with you on this. So hard to find a decent sync of playlists. and, all the other bugs you mentioned. Add:

                Splitting an album with various artists in to many folders. Why oh why can't I just go to the ablum instead of being faced with 10- + albums that have the same name but are listed seperately.

                Someone out there could address some of these problems and make it work (regards syncing) much like Apple does with it's devices I WOULD seriously consider paying for the Pro version. Heck I paid on iTunes for a dejay app. I'm getting used to the idea. Mind you apple isnt much better with regard to the various artists album issue.