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Issues with Pro Version on SGS2

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  • Issues with Pro Version on SGS2

    I purchased the pro version primarilarly to play flac files on my SGS2 (os v2.3.4).

    Problem is that the pro version does not remember that it is installed and so you are always having to launch it and work through the pro splash screens (as if you have not paid), it keeps doing a licence check and keeps asking you to pay again (sic), does not give you the other pro features, additional settings or equalizer etc.

    But it does play flac files ;-)

    Biggest issues I have apart from the above are the sync tools are a bit iffy and results differ depending on whether you use wifi or usb. Also they do not sync to SD cards (some say this is a limitation of gingerbread?). The result is that sync does not work reliably or predictably!!

    Can somebody in the winamp team please fix some of this fundemental stuff?

    Big winamp PC fan for years