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Kar/Midi-files lyrics display?

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  • Kar/Midi-files lyrics display?

    Hello experts!

    First of all, I am sorry if this has been asked before. I did try searching for existing answers, but did not come up with any results in my attempts.

    I happen to be rather fond of the lyrics-window the Windows-version of Winamp displays while playing .kar/.mid-files, particularly the highlighting of the current syllable. What I would like to know is: Can I get the exact same functionality on a tablet PC with Android on it, and if so, are there any other things to be taken into account, like free version versus paid version etc.?

    Many thanks in advance for your valued responses.

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    Surely this would be relatively easy to ascertain for someone using a supported device? I'd really like to know, seeing as the answer will have bearing on potential purchases I am considering.


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      As far as I know (but I don't own any Android device, only iOS... ), MIDI lyrics display is currently not supported in Winamp for Android, but it could be in future versions I think...

      (Correct me if I am wrong).

      If you want Karaoke Lyrics on a tablet, consider buying an iPad (you won't have Winamp though). But there are many very good apps that playback MIDI with very high quality (included 100MB of soundfonts) and also display the MIDI lyrics. One example (my favorite one) is "modizer" which, as the name suggests, also plays all kinds of MOD/XM/etc. files in fine quality. It's USD 1,99 and totally worth it, I think.

      Maybe it will be available for Android some time, but I don't know. For Android, there is Droidsound for playing MODs, but I don't know whether it can display lyrics or if it can even play MIDI at all.

      Hope I could help...


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        Hello kzuse!

        Thank you for the detailed reply. It will definitely help me in making informed decisions on this matter. You see, the main reason for my interest in these portable devices is the ability to present my compositions to musicians on the go. I am never quite sure about compatibility, because I use fairly outdated software to create my model files, which are also accessible at

        Anyway, you've helped me enough already. Thanks again!