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Google Play Music integration

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  • Google Play Music integration

    Hi guys,

    Do you think it could be possible to open your google play uploads in winamp. I mean, I have uploaded 10000 songs to google play to stream on the google play app. I think it would be great to log into my google account in winamp and listen to the songs there. Do you think this is something that could be done?

    Cheers in advance..

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    I second this...


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      Bump for whatever it's worth. Things are pretty dead here.

      It would be twice as cool to have a Google Music plugin for the desktop version to cloud stream that way.
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        i didn't know about google play for uploading music. i am doing that now, although its not enough space for my collection.

        but with winamps "online services" you would think if the google API is open that someone could make a plugin for this.
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          I wouldnt care if it was only playlists. that would be sweet.


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            I would also like to see a plug-in made for winamp. That would be seriously awesome!


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              Can we please make this a reality?


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                Great idea I think


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                  the way in which Google Play Music does its Now Playing screen is extensively loathed and has a couple of exceedingly perceptible issues like Collection art is zoomed in to fill the full screen, paying little personality to the dim best and base bars of the screen containing the track information and track controls that cover some bit of the gathering craftsmanship, routinely provoking unequal yields of skilled worker's middles, arms, or legs. This is especially unmistakable on extra tall devices, which are winding up progressively unavoidable.