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  • SD Card support

    I'll start by saying that I'm a huge fan of Winamp, and its been my player of choice for a while now, even over Foobar. Lately though, I've been forced into using itunes as opposed to Winamp for one simple problem, sd card support.

    Its kind of ironic that I was trying to break ties with everything Apple by buying a Samsung Note II and a 64 gig sd card, so that it could be my new mp3 player. Unfortunately, Winamp is limited to syncing music to internal storage rather than external. To top it off, I can't try other work-arounds because Samsung and Jellybean limit transfers to be MTP rather than USB mass storage.

    If I use another program to sync my music to my external SD card, Winamp will recognize the media but it still tries to sync to the internal memory rather then the SD card. Because of this I can't use Winamp to manage my music, ratings, and playlists on my phone.

    I believe the easiest solution would be to allow users to select the sync destination, that way my media could be stored on my 64 gig SD card over my 16 gig internal.

    Until this is fixed I will have to sadly switch from Winamp to Isyncr and Itunes until this issue is addressed and fixed.