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Syncing FLAC files from windows winamp to android's winamp (galaxy S4)

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  • Syncing FLAC files from windows winamp to android's winamp (galaxy S4)

    Hi and hello to everyone here, i'm an old timer user of winamp for windows ('00) and I own the android version since a couple of months.

    Right now, as i'm building some sort of home studio, i'm converting my media library from mp3's to .Flac files for obvious reasons (if you have no idea, give a try to the flac format, you might just be amazed as i was!)

    My problem is: I can't sync my new library (flac) with my device (galaxy s4), winamp abort the process telling me the phone won't be able to read it.

    The fact: the galaxy s4 is Flac compatible and winamp for 'droid read it just fine.

    Is there a way to resolve it? Can you, mighty and awesome winamp dev. do some sort of update to correct it?

    Else than that, I have nothing to say, except maybe the fact that if i navigate by genre, i immediately get stuck to a huge ton of songs after selecting a specific genre. Is it possible to lead it to GENRE--ARTIST--ALBUM--SONGS?

    Oh and I just bought a remote for winamp that i wont' make any publicities for, but that work amazingly... Take it as a suggestion to produce your own app to control winamp over lan, it's just... i mean... magic to control every computers into the house!

    *sry for my english (as if i could care) but i'm french