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How to remove duplicate files on Android?

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  • How to remove duplicate files on Android?

    Hi all,

    I recently switched my phone to a Galaxy SII and Winamp for Android (latest version) shows that I have three versions of every song in my library. Two of them are dead files that play silence for the time of the song and the last one is a working file of the song. Is there any way of deleting these files from the Winamp Android library?

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      I think it's a lost cause :/ example being the winamp tech subforum...
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      Current Setup: Windows 10 Pro, Sound Blaster Z, Logitech Z-5500, Winamp v5.666.3516

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        You have probably downloaded those files from some unwanted sites, the reason why the issues coming up.
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          You run Clean Master, hit the three horizontal bar icon in the upper left corner of the interface> select Similar Photos, wait a moment for the application to scan the system quickly. Done, on the result returned dialog you browse and select the images you want to delete then hit Delete.


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            To delete duplicate files on Android, you can do follow these steps:
            Step 1: Install the Delete Duplicate Files app from the Google Play Store and open it.
            Step 2: By default, all the folders will be selected in the app. All you need to do is tap on the “Search” icon to start searching for duplicate files.


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              Use these apps to delete duplicate files from your smartphone

              Duplicate Files Fixer

              Remo Duplicate File Remover


              Duplicate Manager


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                How to remove duplicate files on Android?

                As Android mobile phones can easily accessible and The most clear approach to evacuate doppelgangers is to go into your record director application (normally called Files or My Files) and look through the rundown until the point that you discover them. At that point you'll more often than not have to tap the menu, settings, or select alternative (contingent upon what Android gadget you're utilizing) feature the documents lastly tap on the erase choice.

                You can easily download app like duplicate file fixer which is available on google play store as it’s free, reliable, and has found favour with many users.