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Winamp for Android: Backup of Radios

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  • Winamp for Android: Backup of Radios

    Hi Everyone!

    I really don´t know if this has been posted yet, and if this is the right place to do it.
    I´ve been using Winamp for Android version 1.4.15 and it´s great! I use it mosltly to play URL radios, and i have several ones marked as favorite, some shoutcast and some added manually.
    Now i´m moving to another cellphone, and i can´t find a way to save/backup that list of favorites. Do I have to re enter and re search each and every one again? Or is there a way for backuping the stuff? Connecting the phone to the PC didn´t show me a hint for this.

    (just in case, excuse my english)

    Thanks and cheers to all of you

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    I have been using Winamp on my Windows 10 PC for longest time I can remember and I must say thank you guys for creating such an amazing media player. Just a question, I wanted to install the app since I know it's also available for android but I couldn't find any on Google Play. However its available on third party like appvn, tutuapp, tweakbox but the only question will it be safe to install from these sources? When will the app return to Google Play?


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      Originally Posted by sammoozy
      There are many third party apps which we can't find on Google play like clash of clans mod and Winamp. Therefore you need to install it again in your new phone.
      That didn't answer his question at all