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Import Android playlists INTO Winamp (not the reverse!)

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  • Import Android playlists INTO Winamp (not the reverse!)

    Hi, I have searched around on the forums and couldn't find this topic. Can I import my Android playlists into Winamp, without Winamp overriding my phone and deleting its playlists? (e.g. Android sync TO Winamp and not the other way around.) I need to bring the 100+ playlists that are ONLY on my Android, into my new install of Winamp - without the syncing feature deleting all those playlists because they aren't already in Winamp.

    Background if you're interested: I have been using iTunes for years, and at the latest update, my library disappeared (and I'd just moved the files to a server I thought was backing up but wasn't). So the only place I have my over-100 playlists is on my Android, and I'm hoping to import them into a new music player (using iTunes for this is a huge pain).

    All the actual MP3s are in 3 places: my Android, my iTunes folder, and our server which has all of my family's music. Should I import just the music into Winamp before importing the playlists from my Android?

    If Winamp's syncing WILL override my Android, do you know of a way to copy those playlists onto my PC in some other way?


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    Don't sync. Copy (use the "Send to.." right-click option).
    However if you have a look at the sync options for a device in winamp you can set them however you like.
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      Thank you!