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My dream of cross-platforming. Android. Feature requests.

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  • Ryosuke
    Well, I want to revive this thread. Winamp just came to my mind right now like out of nowhere. I used to use this app a lot about 10 years ago with ripped mp3 files made from other users on the internet or with my own CDs, around the same time Spotify wasn't available and was a month to month subscription-based like Netflix.

    I remember when Spotify announced the app to be free to use around the world a long time ago it made me forget about Winamp, I rarely use now only for some private mp3 files. But I still find Winamp one of the best apps to organise my music library and create personalised playlists based on year or genre.

    I still wonder, it might be a crazy idea, is it possible to integrate Winamp with Spotify? Or to include any other cloud music-based service to organise and play music from Winamp?

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  • My dream of cross-platforming. Android. Feature requests.

    I tried to write this essay in the survey thingy on home page but the forum is the way to go.
    I don't know if it fits in the android section...

    I would gladly pay for it if we could have something like the bellow.
    First, an Android version but Folder Based or even better... Artists, Albums etc. (so that it is for everyone) but ALSO a FOLDER tab so that it can be a folder based player and it can remember where you left it at.
    I've been using it as a folder based player on PC the last 18 years because I have tons of mp3s that are too complicated or even impossible to navigate with just tags and all the tags I edited them myself to be perfect with their artwork and everything!!.
    Now I use MortPlayer on my phone which is pretty nice actually... no complains, but winamp can be so much more.

    If winamp could have cross-platform (PC-Android) features or be syncable it would be LAMAzing. For example, set your choice of folder/s that you want to sync over to/from Android. I'm not sure if I mean to sync actual data/audio tracks with their folder structure because I get how it can be a big amount of gigabytes but hey... it's not impossible at all and it's just a one time thing and then you just maintain it. Or maybe you sync the stuff you actually listen not your WHOLE database.

    I've come to a point having albums that even though I've listened to all their tracks I still don't remember the track titles and which ones are the ones I remember liking. So the rating system from the PC could be one of the cross-platform features to sync over to android.

    I'd love if I could leave the room where my desktop is and control Winamp from my Android. Like go take a shower and be able to start playing on my Android device exactly what is playing on the PC. Maybe only if the track that is playing is already synced to my phone. But hey, if the coding skills and tech is there, then sure, live stream it to my phone. Or maybe only via wifi since I'm home or maybe a choice in the settings if you want to use your internet data.
    A stupid request could also be the ability to mute your PC's winamp but still play on your phone cause you don't want it to play to no one since you are not in that room.. but then you can resume it once you leave your shower. I'm picturing the idea of Winamp being the big hit on audio entertainment and convenience.

    Do I keep on brainstorming? Why not have a database with Lyrics so you can either embed them to the tracks for offline enjoyment or live sync them via internet connection.
    Like I do miss when winamp was able to auto-tag your tracks then review/edit them and then apply.

    And to put the cherry on top we could have a wearOS controller for winamp. Like control your winamp on the phone from your watch. I'm sure Google is about to release some of their own watches in the next 2 years. I'd love to also read some lyrics on my wrist that one time, on that epic moment I was bumped up and all.

    At least give me your opinion. All this sounds amazing to me. Of course I'm one of those people that actually listen to music and not just pop music and radio. No youtube music or spotify works for me.. they don't even have what I want to listen or the artist I want is quite underground or unpopular that my folder structure of them is indeed a descend work. Only recently the last 5 years I've been bookmarking youtube and soundcloud for music.. but then I try to have all my electronic, metal, folk, pop and whatever music exactly where I want.