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Winamp for Android: Problems with Update

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  • Winamp for Android: Problems with Update

    With the most recent update to Android, the discontinued Winamp app has problems. Before, if in a separate app for an extended period of time, music might stop and I'd have to reopen the app, at which point the app would resume function from when it went into the background.

    Now, however, if I am not in the android app for approximately a minute, be it because I'm in another app, on the home screen, or my phone is locked, The program will stop. Switching back to it will not cause itto simply resume, but will prompt a restart of the application.

    If you can help me fix this or find a similar program on android that can play songs from my library, it would be much appreciated.

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    simply search MP3 player in the google store or apple store and there are more than enough players.
    latest version of Winamp
    DSP Plug V2.41
    Language Packs


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      Greetings and before it happened to me the same but now everything is correct


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        Does anyone have any specific suggestions on this? Been struggling to find something good for some time.


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          Poweramp Android player

          Winamp user over 20 years - tried most Android players over the last 10 years and have been using Poweramp for several years now. Absolutely the best - especially since it supports the projectM app which runs Milkdrop visualizations on your phone or tablet and uses the same .milk files. (Not sure what the underlying graphics issues are, but about 5% or so of the .milk files don't display properly). You can even set it as live wallpaper that responds to mic input!