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Desktop Winamp Playlist not showing songs on Android phone

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  • Desktop Winamp Playlist not showing songs on Android phone

    Hi Everyone.

    I'm kind of old school and like sticking with Winamp as my choice music player on my phones. I usually just make a playlist from songs on my desktop computer (in a folder called Music), then transfer the songs to the "Music" folder on the phone, along with the playlist to the "Playlists" folder on the phone.

    I haven't really had any problems up until this point when i got a new phone, the Moto G Power. My previous phone, a Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro, seemed to be fine doing this. However, following the same steps on the Moto G Power just shows blank playlists in Winamp.

    Does anyone know what the problem might be?

    For clarification, i'm using Winamp Pro 1.4.15 on the Moto G Power with Android 10 fully updated. The Moto doesn't have a back button to hold to even get to the settings which i know is customary of Winamp on Android

    The old phone, the Samsung Galaxy (which actually has a dedicated back button for the settings), is using Winamp Pro 1.4.4 and Android 6.0.1.

    I'm saving the playlists as m3u. My desktop is Windows 10. I don't know if the sudden jump from Android 6 on the Galaxy to Android 10 on the G Power has anything to do with this, but just thought of that now.

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    Alright, so I started looking at alternatives shortly after posting this. I've read some people editing the m3u playlist on pc and changing directory locations to be relative references instead of absolute, and then putting them directly in the directory of the directories it references, if that makes sense.

    Did that with VLC and it seems like it's working nicely. I know VLC is a good open source option that's always updated and ported.


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      THANK YOU for this. I've been trying to do this for a year now.